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The Accenture Cloud Innovation Center is a center of knowledge and co-creation combining our subject matter specialists, external cloud software partners and vendors as well as hardware providers to address client specific questions around cloud. The Accenture Cloud Innovation Center is designed and built to help financial services clients find answers and solutions to specific questions and needs they might have using cloud computing. It provides a variety of services and possibilities to support clients' journey to cloud - from looking at specific questions to use cases and developments capabilities for rapid proof of concept testing.

Cloud Innovation Center Financial Services Methods

The Accenture Cloud Innovation Center for Financial Services is a center of knowledge and co-creation supporting clients’ journeys to the cloud. See more.

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Cloud computing is like an open field. Cloud infrastructure and architecture can be complex, applications and solutions are diverse, and strategies have to be company specific. The opportunity to develop and test answers to cloud questions is key.

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Cloud innovation center for financial services

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Delivering significant benefits

Specializing in cloud-based knowledge, tools and technology, the Financial Services Cloud Innovation Center is focused on helping each client firm develop tailored solutions to address any of their cloud-based needs and challenges.

Discover - describe – discuss - ideate

The center helps financial services companies to either start or re-fine their journey to the cloud by using our _Form_ methods and tools.

Hybrid multi-cloud greenfield environment

The center offers a greenfield setting in which solutions can be shown or tested, either from pre-configured use cases or as newly developed PoC.

Cloud ecosystem for co-creation

Companies can co-create tailored approaches, drawing upon a cloud ecosystem tapping into each partner’s knowledge, skill, experience and capabilities.

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What we think

Cloud’s scale, resiliency and continuous innovation mean it will likely form a critical part of every future business and technology roadmap.

Our new digital magazine compiles the latest developments in cloud banking.

Cloud will be transformational and disruptive offering banks improved scalability, efficiency, agility and security.

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