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Dynamic collaboration to serve the communities

''The demands on police forces in Ireland have rarely been higher. New threats and patterns of crime, evolving citizen expectations for safety, transparency and trust, and increased pressure to reduce costs and achieve operational efficiencies are just some of the challenges. Our team is passionate about working with An Garda Síochána because our communities, families and children depend on you daily. We are dedicated to bring you innovations and experience from across the globe to help you transform and digitise the way you protect and serve.''

— Danny Kavanagh, Managing Director – Accenture

Envision the future

Ready, reset, reinvent: the emerging trends in business, tech and design.

Future systems must be boundaryless, adaptable, radically human to thrive in a world of constant change.

Digital transformation offers exceptional capabilities, but also creates enormous expectations.

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Unleash the power of innovation

Accenture vision sets out the way the future police workforce will have to look in order to navigate a transformed landscape.

Hacer Evans, Assistant Chief Officer, Digital Policing Portfolio UK, shares her thoughts on the changing nature of public safety.

Investing in the necessary infrastructure to enable connectivity allows police officers to become enabled, empowered and supported.

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Actionable intelligence and security

The six shifts show how change can happen incrementally to keep core systems intact while leading public service toward a modern architecture.

Accenture’s ninth annual Cost of Cybercrime report reveals that security breaches increased by 11% in 2018.

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Insights for An Garda Síochána from around the world of policing.

Cyber threats demand a new digital police force

Police have developed methods to deal with various levels of crime. But today, physical crimes are far from being the only challenge.

The role of VR for the future police workforce

The police workforce needs to change. It’s increasingly clear that virtual reality (VR) will have a pivotal role to play.

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