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Mergers & Acquisitions in the digital age: Value delivered faster

Combining expertise in strategy and technology to create and execute robust M&A strategies that generate superior value.


Successful businesses are those that constantly renew their portfolios both during difficult economic times and in periods of robust growth.

Renewing and optimizing portfolios can take a number of forms. For many companies, some mix of mergers, acquisitions, divestitures, joint ventures and alliances provides an attractive approach to focusing on their highest-potential offerings, customers and markets and face the fierce competition from new market entrants.

Companies need to capitalize on today’s portfolio optimization opportunities and position themselves for growth. For companies looking to acquire or merge with another entity, or to shed a non-core or underperforming asset, we provide services that encompass deep experience in merger and acquisition (M&A) portfolio strategy, target screening, due diligence, carve-outs/divestitures and merger integration execution. We possess strong capabilities in developing and implementing joint venture and alliances strategy that help enterprises quickly and cost-effectively capitalize on new market opportunities. We can also help companies develop and implement a strong internal M&A capability that can support activities across all phases of the deal life cycle and help generate greater value from the transactions they execute.

Why Accenture

Positioned at the intersection of business and technology, Accenture Strategy is uniquely qualified to help organizations optimize their portfolios:

M&A leadership: We have led or had a significant role on the three largest mergers worldwide in the past years.

Deep experience: In the past years, we have advised clients in more than 600 deals globally.

Broad skills: Our deep experience managing and implementing major enterprise-wide projects helps to minimize the risk in any transaction.

Value capture: Our M&A practitioners have large scale transformation experience and bring skills across the entire investment lifecycle. We know where to look for additional value that is typically missed by our competitors.

Deep functional expertise: We have a dedicated global M&A practice with deep experience in Strategy, Supply Chain, IT, Sales, Marketing, Finance and Change Management.

Global capability: Our network of M&A strategists in Europe, Asia, Africa and the Western Hemisphere helps enable us to draw upon the best talent and resources for every client project.


Corporate Strategy
Accenture M&A strategists help companies identify where to invest, what to build, what to acquire and how to achieve desired strategic outcomes.

Acquisition/Alliance Target screening
Our teams work with clients to assess the synergy potential in acquisitions or alliances, identify and prioritize acquisition/alliance candidates, and understand the key drivers of the target business.

Due Diligence
Corporate teams and financial buyers benefit from our unparalleled insights at the intersection of business and technology when conducting commercial, operational, and technology due diligence.

Merger Integration
After an acquisition or merger has been consummated, we help clients quickly and with greater certainty generate the benefits on which their deal was based.

Divestitures and Carve-Outs
We help clients define and successfully execute their divestiture and carve-out strategies to maximize value and minimize risk of failure.

M&A Capability Development
We work with clients to develop the critical internal processes, skills and tools that help them to independently develop and execute their M&A and growth strategies.


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