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Accenture Operational Policing Solution (AOPS)

A modern crime-fighting tool, offering an intelligence-driven records management system, with built-in analytics, mobile and real-time information sharing capabilities.



Bringing together deep public safety experience with our expertise in systems integration and data analytics, Accenture has created a modern crime-fighting tool. Our AOPS solution provides police agencies with a leading-edge records management system, combined with built-in analytics, mobile applications, extensive reporting, search, and data sharing capabilities, to deliver what’s needed in today’s world of law enforcement.

AOPS enables police organizations to efficiently collect, organize, and report information for increased productivity. While its advanced analytics, supported by geo-spatial and visualization functions, turn that data into actionable intelligence. Mobile and advanced search technologies allow quick access to key systems and information from the field, providing real-time intelligence where needed for improved safety and response. Plus, data sharing tools allow agencies to enhance collaboration, while maintaining control over access and security.

Digital and modular, the solution can be customized to meet specific agency needs. It also features a highly intuitive design, using open standards to facilitate integration and minimize support requirements.

AOPS delivers innovation in crime fighting, helping police agencies improve performance, drive efficiency and achieve results.

Why Accenture

With more than 20 years of experience supporting policing services, Accenture brings together a unique combination of law enforcement experience, systems integration and data analytics expertise in creating AOPS. It is designed to provide a modern crime fighting tool, helping public safety agencies more effectively manage, access, share, and use information.

We have implemented AOPS in large, complex public safety organizations throughout the world. With our breadth of expertise across strategy, operations and technology, we help law enforcement agencies navigate complex challenges and design solutions to improve performance, drive results, and prepare for the new era of public safety.

Specific Services

The Accenture Operational Policing Solution offers:

  • Records Management

  • Extensive Reporting

  • Analytics and Intelligence

  • Mobility

  • Information Sharing Tools

  • Systems Integration

  • Advanced Search Capability

  • Intuitive Design

  • High Resiliance and Availability