Accenture Analytics Innovation Centre in Dublin Ireland

Read about Accenture Analytics Innovation Centre in Dublin Ireland and learn about our predictive analytics capabilities.


Launched in May 2011, the Accenture Analytics Innovation Centre (AAIC) is the first of its kind in Ireland designed to help accelerate the development and delivery of innovative analytics solutions. The AAIC is a showcase for Accenture’s predictive analytics capabilities and their ability to help the C-suite meet its most pressing objectives.

Part of Accenture’s global network of analytics innovation centres, the AAIC is Accenture’s global centre of excellence for predictive analytics targeting fraud, risk and compliance. The Centre works with a range of cross-industry clients to help improve their decision-making processes by providing them with quick and easy access to a range of sophisticated analytics solutions and resources, locally and globally.

The Centre is designed to address a wide range of issues that organisations face as they seek to glean deeper insights from their data and embed the results to strengthen their existing processes. Only by competing on analytics can businesses sustain the success of the most important imperatives leaders face today: driving growth, reducing fraud and non-compliance, enhancing cost and cash advantage, improving operational excellence, restructuring the business at scale and winning the war for talent.

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The Centre works with a range of cross-industry clients to help improve their decision-making processes by providing them with quick and easy access to a range of sophisticated analytics solutions, services and resources, locally and globally. Accenture Intelligent Processing Service provides Public Service agencies with the abilities to increase their revenues and reduce benefits spend through the use of advanced analytics and proven industry expertise to identify and eliminate the compliance gap. This service is enabled through the combination of propriety data, risk and insights models; dedicated management scientists and dedicated industry experts.

The Risk Analytics offering suite brings an end-to-end solution for banking clients addressing Risk Analytics Strategy and Operating Model, Credit Risk Modelling, Market and Liquidity Risk Analytics, Stress Testing Regulatory Support, Model Validation and Monitoring, Risk Model Execution platform and Risk Reporting and Automation.

The Accenture Fraud Analytics platform provides a flexible approach for enterprise-wide fraud detection, prevention and management. Insights are generated rapidly using extensive libraries of industry specific business rules and advanced algorithms, linking internal and external data and scaling to big data volumes.

Insurance Claims Fraud Analytics solution helps clients to identify claims that are potentially fraudulent claims using a combination of proven statistical models and rules.


The Accenture Analytics Innovation Centre in Dublin, Ireland is co-located with Accenture’s existing Global Services Centre in 3 Grand Canal Plaza, Dublin 4.

The Centre forms part of the wider network of Accenture Analytics Innovation Centres including Barcelona, Athens and Singapore. The Analytics Innovation Centres leverages the skills and capabilities within the Accenture Global Delivery Network, Accenture Technology Labs and the Accenture Global Talent and Innovation Network.

Meet the Team

Edel Lynch
Edel Lynch is the Lead for the Ireland Analytics Innovation Centre and Global Lead for our Fraud & Risk Analytics practice. She joined Accenture over 16 years ago having completed a Physics degree at The University College Galway. She has worked across our Technology group and H&PS Industry group over the course of her career with Accenture. She is currently based in Dublin, Ireland.

Paul Pierotti
Paul has 18 years of consulting experience across H&PS, FS and Communications and High Tech . Paul specialises in using Analytics to improve business outcomes. Since, 2012, Paul has been UK&I Head of H&PS Analytics and leads the related client working with a number of Global Health and Public Service companies. Paul graduated from University of Strathclyde with a degree in Mathematics and MSc in Industrial Mathematics.

Denis Hannigan
Denis joined Accenture in 2000 and has subsequently held senior positions within the Financial Services and Technology practices. Denis’s work in Accenture Analytics helps organisations to grow their business through customer insights and advanced analytics.

Kieran Towey
Kieran is the global lead for Accenture’s H&PS Advanced Analytics capability, with teams in Ireland, UK and India. Kieran has 18 years Analytics experience, having worked for analytics consulting and innovation companies prior to joining Accenture in 2009. Kieran’s focus is on developing Accenture’s delivery capability, both in terms of resources and assets, in H&PS, working with clients across the globe.