In brief

In brief

  • Industry X.0 is about bringing products, services, and partners together to produce the best outcome.
  • Its confluence of technology innovations will let companies reinvent industries — from healthcare, to transport, to entertainment, energy and more.
  • Digital twins and digital threads will enable future creative tools and living processes that can shape individualized, on-demand experiences.

Industry X.0 enables a reimagination of everyday tasks and routines, at work and at home. Processes will be orchestrated on your behalf, using smart products to engage the relevant services and ensure a seamless experience from start to finish.

Companies are already using Industry X.0 solutions to transform work, combining the unique strengths of human workers with situationally-aware artificial intelligence (AI). In oil and gas production, for example, leading companies use artificial intelligence to review drilling data at scale, helping to determine well productivity and avoid adverse events like loss circulation, "kicks" and stuck pipes.

Accenture Labs research illustrates how AI, extended reality, IoT and other innovations intersect to power the future of experiences, driven by the digital twin and digital thread. Read on for details on how we’re creating intelligence "at the edge" that enables smart tools and solutions the digital business demands to serve the employees and customers of the future.

The future of tools is creative

Tools must be stakeholder-centric and computationally creative to consider, predict and optimize outcomes and enable new levels of access.

The future of processes is living

Process optimization must be decentralized and self-adaptive to take advantage of all services. This requires understanding of the "human-in-the-loop."

The future of experiences is individualized

Experiences must go beyond personalization, with customized fixed assets for individuals, at scale, for the specific context and moment.

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"Industry X.0 brings products, services and partners together to produce the best outcomes and experiences."

How you deliver the human-first future

Through Industry X.0, business leaders gain opportunities to achieve a common goal across industries since the digital revolution began: deliver the "human first" experience.

Many businesses have already embraced the digital twin and digital thread as more than buzzwords. Accenture Labs work shows how both are part of the critical fabric supporting the future of experiences for consumers and workers.

These innovations enable a new generation of smart tools to pair with the human worker, and living, flexible processes that allow partners to seamlessly work together.

Read our full report for more on how Accenture Labs is developing the foundation for the ultimate promise of Industry X.0.

Marc Carrel-Billiard

Senior Managing Director – Accenture Technology Innovation and Accenture Labs

Teresa Tung

Cloud First Chief Technologist


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