In brief

In brief

  • Financial services is in the midst of a period of unprecedented change, driven by new technologies hitting the market in rapid succession.
  • Firms must rapidly reskill their workforces before this tech shift renders their skills obsolete and leaves them without the new skills they require.
  • A platform that supports experiential learning and microlearning is the key to winning this race.

A moment of crisis and opportunity in financial services

Revolutionary new tools like artificial intelligence, the Internet of Things, extended reality, cloud computing, and quantum computing are sparking a step change in financial services. As they hit the market in rapid succession, these “New Digital Age” technologies are compounding one another’s impact, creating combinatorial opportunities for innovation and disruption. The result? The financial services industry faces a period of unprecedented change and opportunity.

The race is on

New Digital Age” technologies are compounding one another’s impact.

We are seeing an era of unprecedented change, driven by technology

The need for the industry to rapidly reskill its workforce before technology renders their skills obsolete, can be thought of as a race. Incremental changes to education and corporate learning systems won’t be enough to win. The time is now to build a culture of lifelong learning.

Just-in-time learning

Lifelong learning empowers each member of the financial services workforce with the tools and encouragement they need to quickly master new skills “just in time,” at the speed of the future. By leveraging learning platforms that support microlearning and experiential learning, financial services firms can empower the workforce to reskill itself. This is an area in which Accenture has developed powerful experience and expertise, having created a Future Talent Platform for a new era of learning.

America could forego $975 billion in economic growth in the next decade if it can’t meet the demand for new skills in the New Digital Age.

After designing and building the lifelong learning platform to pivot its own workforce to “the New,” Accenture is now offering the Platform to financial services clients to help them build intelligent, agile businesses. To find out how the Future Talent Platform will help you transform your workforce and control your own destiny, register to view the report.

Dr. Bridie Fanning

Managing Director – Financial Services, Talent & Organization, North America


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