In brief

In brief

  • The Accenture-Google ecosystem provides leading organizations with data-at-scale and proven hyper-personalization algorithms.
  • This is re-shaping customer experiences and re-imagining ‘wow’ moments of truth, to drive digital customer growth and customer life-time value.
  • 84 percent of C-suite execs believe they must leverage artificial intelligence (AI) to achieve their growth objectives, yet 76 percent struggle with how to scale.
  • It is unrealistic for organizations to achieve competitive advantage with only 1st party data, in-house data science teams and on-prem solutions.

The AI Data open-ecosystem moves mainstream

In a post-Covid era, the ability to embrace an AI Data open-ecosystem landscape, powered by our Accenture-Google partnership, is moving towards mainstream adoption across multiple industries.

This Accenture-Google ecosystem provides leading organizations with vast amounts of 2nd and 3rd party data and proven hyper-personalization algorithms, with unlimited on-demand compute power on the Google Cloud Platform (GCP). Additionally, our end-to-end solution provides seamless, accelerated, cross-platform campaign activation with digital global brand platforms such as Google Marketing Platform (GMP), Instagram, Facebook, YouTube, Snap, TikTok, Pinterest. This delivers 30-40 percent faster activation than in-house teams or native platforms and access to integrated, near real-time dashboards which monitor campaign success. Feedback loops enable the compute-intensive AI/ML algorithms to continuously learn and improve their hyper-personalization accuracy.

The result is a wave of organizations that have recognized the power of AI data driven growth to drive disruptive differentiation. This is re-shaping unique customer experiences and re-imagining ‘wow’ moments of truth, to exponentially drive digital customer growth, retention and customer life-time value.

“We are at a “wake up, smell the coffee” tipping point across multiple industry sectors, where AI data driven organizations are now leveraging this unique, immediate scale of the Accenture – Google Cloud data partner ecosystem to deliver growth.

Pre-Covid: Scaling AI to new heights of competitiveness

Prior to the Covid pandemic, Accenture Research (based on interviews with 1,500 C-suite executives with minimum revenue US$1billion in 12 countries around the world across 16 industries) aimed to uncover the success factors for scaling AI1. Our findings in November 2019 included:

  • 84 percent of C-suite executives believe they must leverage artificial intelligence (AI) to achieve their growth objectives, yet 76 percent report they struggle with how to scale.
  • 75 percent of C-suite executives believe that if they don’t scale artificial intelligence (AI) in the next five years, they risk going out of business entirely.
  • Companies in our study that are strategically scaling AI report nearly 3X the return from AI investments compared to companies pursuing siloed proof of concepts.

Post-Covid: AI data accelerates differentiation

The relevance of our findings, in the post-Covid era, is ever-more striking and relevant. Companies have been forced to make years' worth of technology and business model changes in a matter of months. Demand for both digital solutions and secure work-from-home systems exploded. The Covid pandemic has stretched and redefined entire industry value chains like an elastic band, where large scale transformational change and data driven mindsets have become the ‘new norm’. Consumers now have an ever-increasing appetite for unique personalization on their terms, which companies must exceed in order to stay relevant to secure digital customer growth and loyalty.

It is unsustainable for organizations to compete with an ‘in-house’ mindset focused only on their own 1st party data, in-house data science teams and on-prem solutions. A lack of speed, scale and rich data insights will prevent ‘in-house’ success.

Early adopters are now exploiting leading best practice for AI data capabilities, within the Accenture-Google Cloud partner ecosystem with devastatingly successful growth results within 6-12 months. Once digital customers have been acquired, continuous hyper-personalization will ensure customer expectations are exceeded to reinforce loyalty and advocacy, making churn risk minimal. In contrast, companies following a ‘wait & see’ or ‘late adoption’ approach risk withering towards uncompetitive irrelevance, whilst the AI data driven competition ramps up disruptive global growth and retention outcomes in a matter of months.

The cookie is dying: Long live 2nd/3rd party data

Historically, when we talked digital customers, we thought of them in terms of email addresses and cookies—a digital trail of their browsing behaviors. Now, marketers can’t rely on cookies alone to know their consumers and measure performance, especially considering Google’s announcement2 to remove support for third-party cookies by default on its Chrome browser, following Apple (Safari) and Mozilla (Firefox). It’s even more critical that companies use data from diverse 2nd and 3rd party data sources, create stronger data architectures, and build governance frameworks to truly understand who consumers are and, more importantly, what they desire from brands.

Enterprise-wide AI: Speed & scale benefits

Solutions.AI3 is Accenture's collection of AI solutions that are designed to unlock new efficiencies and growth, enable new ways of working, and facilitate game-changing innovation–3x faster than the typical product lifecycle. Built and delivered on the foundation of Accenture's unparalleled AI expertise, data services, IP and ecosystem partners, our scalable, modular solutions minimize time to market and maximize business impact.

Even better, while every solution is already fine-tuned for a specific industry and function, each can be quickly tailored to solve unique client challenges. So, no matter whom we're partnering with across the organization or what we're working to accomplish, Solutions.AI can accelerate the pace and potential of change.

The AI impact


Speed to value versus the typical product lifecycle.


Scaled AI deployments.


Industry-specific, scalable solutions…and counting.

"We’ve industrialized these solutions in such a way that we’re essentially making prototypes and proofs of concept obsolete for our clients."

– LAN GUAN, Senior Managing Director – Applied Intelligence

Bring data and AI together to maximize impact

Using data and AI to truly understand the customer4 is pivotal to success.

Take Accenture’s Consumer 360 (C360) Platform, the data engine that fuels Accenture’s AI-powered marketing solution and enables next best action and hyper-personalization capabilities. Accenture partners with key technology providers to securely bring together data into one architecture where Accenture can apply proprietary AI and ML algorithms to build rich, comprehensive consumer profiles. Models can then accurately predict what, when and how the consumer will buy next. By tapping into insights from data across Accenture’s multiple ecosystem partners instead of just a single provider, brands can expand their online audience and boost their shop-to-order conversions.

The Accenture and Google Cloud AI data revolution

Accenture, together with our ecosystem partners, has a global footprint of 3rd party, country-specific data providing 100s of millions of customer data sets which fully comply with local regulatory and legal requirements. This includes device and mobile app ownership, geo-location data, purchase intent, social media personas, credit card spend and life stage / life moment profiles.

Accenture is not a reseller of 3rd party data to our clients. Instead we deliver data insights as a managed service.

We combine our 3rd party data seamlessly with an organization’s 1st party data and with Google 2nd party data consisting of affinity audiences, custom intent audiences, lookalike expansion, geo & demographic targeting.

This combined ‘data at scale’, consisting of 1st, 2nd and 3rd party data sources creates rich custom audiences through ingestion into our proprietary AI / ML algorithms, hosted on Google Cloud Platform (GCP). This provides a much more granular, accurate set of hyper-personalized outcomes for campaign activation.

AI data driven growth is game-changing

Organizations can now achieve hyper-personalized differentiation from an AI Data open-ecosystem landscape, powered by our Accenture-Google partnership, which provides rapid scale and speed for large organizations with a global footprint.

In the post-Covid era, many companies are challenged to achieve sustainable, profitable digital customer growth in multiple countries. This can now be resolved with immediate access to 2nd and 3rd party data and an accelerated campaign activation capability across multiple digital global platform brands.

The Accenture-Google end-to-end solution can be delivered within weeks / months compared to an in-house approach which would potentially take 3-4 years to build and fail to leverage the ever-increasing volumes of continuously growing 2nd and 3rd party data sources.

We are now at an exponential ‘tipping point’ between adopters and laggards across multiple industry sectors. Globally recognized consumer brands have already adopted our solution. These AI Data driven organizations are now benefiting from our unique, immediate scale of the Accenture – Google Cloud data partner ecosystem to deliver accelerated, profitable digital growth.

Don’t be late, enjoy that AI Data ‘coffee’ moment of truth.

1 "AI: Built to scale", 14th November 2019.

2 Google Ads & Commerce Blog, “Charting a course towards a more privacy-first web”, 3rd March 2021.

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David Andrew

Managing Director – Accenture Google Business Group (AGBG)


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