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Technology Vision for Oracle 2016

Discover how Accenture and Oracle are applying their combined strengths, helping organizations carve out their places in the digital ecosystems that define their industries in the platform economy.


In 2016, leveraging the power of a digital business is no longer simply about incorporating technologies into the organization. It’s about reinventing the organization—and the culture within it—to drive innovation, to drive change, to drive the business into the next generation.

With Oracle technologies residing at the heart of so many of the world’s largest organizations, their contribution to achieving this "People First" agenda is growing more important all the time.

In the Technology Vision for Oracle 2016, you’ll see how Accenture and Oracle are applying their individual strengths to enable organizations to carve out their places in the digital ecosystems that are defining their industries in the platform economy.
The Primacy of People in the Digital Age

Today, digital technologies are the building blocks of business. But understanding people—customers, employees and partners—is key to getting ahead

Intelligent Automation

Intelligent Automation

The symbiotic relationship between technology and humans is a key theme of this year’s Accenture Technology Vision. Far from being a vision of the future, however, it’s a relationship that’s already enabling some enterprises to overpower the competition. They’re doing this by using intelligent automation and other breakthrough developments. It’s how this empowers people—first and foremost—that’s the true source of its differentiating potential.

Explore how Accenture uses Oracle technologies to help clients embrace intelligent automation, Accenture’s DevOps for Oracle library, and purpose-built Oracle accelerators that ultimately empower the creation of new products and services on a scale that was previously unfeasible.



The mantra for Accenture’s 2016 Technology Vision is “People First.” Organizations can no longer rely on technology as a disrupter in its own right. What matters now is how technology can be used to empower people and transform approaches to the workforce, creating new corporate cultures that can continuously adapt and learn, create new solutions and drive relentless change. 

Accenture and Oracle are working together to help organizations develop and deliver their liquid workforce with Oracle HCM Cloud and suite of products that can enable workforce transformation by focusing technology on people’s skills, social networks and knowledge, transforming them into an adaptable, change-ready and passionate liquid workforce. 


Liquid Workforce


Platform Economy

Operating competitively in the platform economy requires rethinking not only the platform that your customers, stakeholders and others experience, but also transforming the internal technology infrastructures, services and tools that power your operations. Accenture has not only embraced this rapid platform growth, but is a leader in the charge toward digital transformation with the formation of the Accenture Oracle Business Group. 

Discover how the Accenture Oracle Business Group provides clients with the pieces of the technology platform they need to become leaders in the platform economy by combining Oracle Cloud technologies—SaaS, PaaS and IaaS—with Accenture’s extensive industry, technology and delivery expertise.



As more companies build or collaborate with industry platforms, new digital ecosystems are springing up all around them. Digital technologies have largely driven enterprise disruption, and ecosystems are now becoming the foundation for the next wave. Companies can no longer make predictions simply by looking at competitors in their industry. It pays to look at ways to meld existing traditional infrastructures with those that match data-driven leaders in any industry. 

Oracle plays a preeminent role in this space by maintaining a sure footing between its technological roots and a new world of larger-scale systems and open-source tools that drive business decision-making with vast amounts of data. In parallel, Accenture helps companies navigate this increasingly complex ecosystem on their path to becoming truly data-driven.

Accenture can enable our clients to connect data using the data-focused technologies Oracle offers, bringing a larger picture into focus from the more myopic tendencies of aging data platforms.


Predictable Disruption


Digital Trust

Establishing trust used to depend on a firm handshake and a steady gaze. But in the digital age, things are more complicated. Most relationships are sight unseen. The distances between entities are greater and the interactions between business partners are infinitely more complex. Yet, establishing trust remains paramount.

Success in tomorrow’s digital business will largely depend on security decisions made today. Organizations must manage data and digital ethics as core strategies for mitigating business risks, just as they do with cybersecurity. Their reward? Unprecedented growth in an interconnected platform economy with minimal downside risks.

Accenture and Oracle address the core segments of data integrity, device security, application security, infrastructure security, business alignment, governance and compliance, identity management, and cyber defense management.