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Building the just-in-time marketing organization

Slash marketing inventory waste and ensure your organization reaches the right customers with the right message—at just the right time.


In today’s online, information-driven world, mass marketing is proving less and less successful. Consumers are savvy and connected. Marketing content becomes old fast—a different approach is needed to reach the right consumer at the right time with the right message.

A new breed of just-in-time marketers are leading the way. Behaving and operating differently to their peers, they are able to meet changing consumer demand, tackle overproduction and wasted effort and deliver improved financial performance.



Key Insights

When marketing organizations apply just-in-time principles, they can achieve what industrial companies enjoyed with just-in-time manufacturing—less waste, better processes, and higher-quality output. The overall result: A much higher return on marketing investment.

Marketing waste is quantifiable, represents more spend than you think and needs to be tackled urgently.

Top tier marketing organizations address marketing waste far more effectively than their peers.

Just-in-time marketers tend to grow faster than their peers.

Just-in-time marketers behave and operate differently from their peers.


Just-in-time marketers have more customer knowledge, better channel capabilities and greater marketing agility. And they operate differently by adopting three key characteristics.

Embed capabilities

Embed marketing digital and analytics capabilities and talent throughout their organizations

Just-in-time marketers are significantly more likely to embed analytics and digital talent across different marketing teams

Leverage excellence

Leverage centers of excellence for digital and analytics skills

Just-in-time marketers are significantly more likely to make use of centers of excellence for digital and analytics

Act independently

Independently choose or invest in their own IT solutions

Just-in-time marketers are 4 times more likely to report being completely independent in their IT investment decisions

Next Steps

Become a just-in-time marketer
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Transform marketing operations
Three operating model changes are essential to enable just-in-time marketing capabilities for marketing organizations to lay the foundation for change.

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About The Research

The Accenture Institute for High Performance surveyed 532 chief marketing officers during September to November 2015. Our goal was to quantify marketing inefficiencies and identify marketing attitudes and behaviors in response to these inefficiencies. Participating CMOs represented companies headquartered in 11 countries and 10 industries, all with reported revenues of more than US$1 billion. We identified leading marketing organizations based on three self-reported measures: degree of customer knowledge, ability to reach customers in the right channels and agility in varying their messaging as necessary. By comparing the actions of leading marketing organizations with their less effective peers, we found factors that most contributed to the leaders’ success.

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