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Airport analytics

Enhancing operational efficiency to help border agencies achieve high performance.


The current economic climate is driving an expectation for border agencies to reduce operational costs and streamline processes, alongside the insistence of national security agencies to increase safety and protect our borders, and the demand from consumers for an improved service. The result is that airports are under pressure from all sides to achieve high performance.

This point of view sets out to explain how our borders can be both flexible and cost-efficient while offering a positive customer experience.


For any flight, take-off procedures are fundamental to being adequately prepared to safely reach your destination. To manage today’s demands and prepare for the future, airports and global border forces need to fully assess their environment and its heritage. Accenture is working with border management agencies around the world to help keep them ahead of developments in this complex area. We believe key factors affecting airport angst include:

  • Rapid technological change

  • A dearth of data management

  • Increased demand on border agencies

  • Daily operational challenges


Accenture believes analytics is fast emerging as a source of competitive advantage. Informed executives can make insightful decisions that can bring better business outcomes. In particular, operations analytics is being increasingly adopted to improve business performance. Analytics can be used to help achieve operational excellence by reengineering key processes, focusing on lean processes and operational effectiveness, and sourcing operational excellence.

Follow our three steps to reap the rewards from employing analytics in the airport industry:

  • Drive operational efficiencies

  • Design new processes through managed services

  • Implement technology solutions for long-term improvements


Accenture believes airports and border agencies can fly high by outsourcing time-consuming and manually intensive back-office functions, allowing them to focus on the tasks that bring real value—improving service and customer satisfaction. Reduced wait times in airport lines allow customers to spend more time in retail areas. And greater confidence in presenting a business case to rationalize your investments means that you can concentrate on leading efforts rather than justifying them.

Teaming with Accenture, organizations are able to design and test potential processes and transformations offline without affecting their day-to-day business operations. What is more, due to our size and scale, Accenture can maintain competitive prices through cost-sharing models such as one customer across multiple airports or multiple customers in one airport.