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Achieving government innovation: Moving back office to center stage

Learn how back office functions can be the secret to government innovation


Public service back office functions such as finance, HR and procurement play an essential role in government innovation, however all too often the star qualities of functions are over-looked.

Leading agencies are now placing a more strategic focus on the back office, helping them meet challenges including debt reduction, improved services and increased citizen satisfaction – delivering public service for the future.

Public service agencies are embracing the challenge by placing a greater strategic focus on enterprise services, as leaders realize that back office transformation is essential for broader government innovation.


To understand the relationship between the back office and citizen value in more detail we studied the administrative practices and public policy outcomes in thirty OECD countries. The results were clear – download the pdf to find out more.

To enjoy the benefits of lasting government innovation, improved back office operations must play a more visible and strategic role, helping agencies meet the challenges and opportunities that lie ahead - delivering public service for the future. Download the pdf to find out more.