Covestro, a leading supplier of premium polymers, understands the value of modern digital engineering practices. Years ago, it adopted 3D models and other sophisticated technologies for instrumentation diagrams and electrical drawings.

These tools were applied to optimize engineering projects run by internal teams and external contractors, but they were not used by the teams responsible for operationalizing and maintaining the engineering solutions. Documentation was handed over to operations and maintenance as PDFs or printouts, and much of the data created by the engineering teams was lost in the transition.

Covestro's leaders recognized the benefit of a consistent approach to asset documentation across the asset lifecycle, especially at the point of handover between engineering and operations. Thus, the company established an Integrated Plant and Engineering Platform (IPEP) that would standardize asset documentation, enable global collaboration and drive operational efficiencies.

"Covestro collaborated with Accenture to bring a new approach to asset engineering, documentation and management to life."

Strategy and solution

Accenture helped Covestro develop a plan to replace its design and engineering applications with an integrated plant and engineering platform for capturing, managing, and sharing asset specifications and procedures. The effort had three key elements:

Evaluate vendors

Suppliers were evaluated that could deliver the integrated plant and engineering platform, with a shortlist of candidates identified.

Define requirements

Functional and technical platform requirements were defined based on best practices and proprietary tools.

Create an RFP

A request for proposal (RFP) was developed that met the needs of Covestro’s engineering, operations and maintenance teams.

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Covestro developed the detailed RFP requirements for an integrated platform that will manage asset documentation across plants and business units. The comprehensive requirements and vendor-scoring templates enabled Covestro to select a highly qualified IPEP implementation vendor. Once deployed, the new platform will provide:

  • A common database that all engineering disciplines can use to collaborate and synchronize their projects.
  • Common master data that will be integrated with and used by other Covestro systems.
  • A common set of tools that engineering, operations and maintenance teams can use (even remotely) to design and develop products, eliminating the manual handover of projects.

Once the IPEP system is in place, Covestro will have an industry-leading asset engineering and documentation process that drives greater efficiency and collaboration across its engineering design and development disciplines.

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