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The Dock is a multidisciplinary research and incubation hub, where designers, doctors,visionaries and makers are doing things that matter for people, places and robots. Located in the heart of the Dublin Docklands in a connected, state-of-the-art workspace designed for creativity, collaboration and fun.

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The Dock is a launch pad—a home to 200 designers, developers and experts in artificial intelligence, advanced analytics and IOT.
The Dock is where Accenture is new ways of working - building skills, tools and talent every day. Our teams are adopting Design Thinking, Breakthrough Thinking and Sprint methodologies, to innovate at pace and at scale.


Located in the Dublin Docklands our connected building has been skilfully designed to not only meet the demands of todays workforce, but one that can adapt to the needs of tomorrow. The space has been crafted to cultivate innovation with a flexible design that empowers our project teams to build the workspace to meet their project needs. It is a living experiment, with sensors throughout the building, learning from occupant behaviour, reacting to user feedback and allowing the building to continually evolve.

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Enrico Gentili

    Enrico Gentili
    Technology Architect

    “At The Dock I’m in charge of architecting and building large, innovative, cross-industry projects. I’m passionate about new technologies and the impact that they will have more and more every day in the way we work, play and live.”

Maria Varley

    Maria Varley
    Scrum Master

    “I have a background in Computer Engineering with specialities in telecoms and test. In The Dock I work as Scrum Master helping my team adhere to Scrum theory, practices and rules throughout the cross-collaboration and the variety of projects in new areas.”

Gemma Cagney

    Gemma Cagney
    Software Developer

    “From art school undergraduate to software developer at The Dock, my trajectory through life hasn’t exactly been linear. Being part of The Dock not only gives me the opportunity to hone my skills, but also to experiment with the design and development of a range of projects.”

Shashi Bhushan

    Shashi Bhushan
    Analytics Senior Analyst

    “At The Dock, I love the opportunity to solve interesting problems across diverse industries. There is a real focus on design thinking and disruptive innovation which means no day is ever boring and I am constantly meeting new challenges.”

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