October 26, 2017
Working as an Analyst in Accenture Ireland
By: Fiona Burke

I joined Accenture in April 2016 after completing Business and Commerce in UCD . When I initially joined, I was placed on ‘The Bench’ (an Accenture term for when you don’t have an immediate project) where I got the chance to work with senior managers across various parts of Accenture on a wide variety of project proposals.

I was then assigned to the banks to fill a business analyst role in the Financial Sector (Often called “FS”) of our business. Looking back on the role, I think I was apprehensive about moving into the banking industry where I had little experience but I decided to take the opportunity to see where it would lead. While the role and the client wasn’t where I wanted to be, I ended up spending a year in that role developing my skillset, making a great bunch of friends and having great craic.

Throughout my year in FS I met many people which led to learning about the Accenture Ireland Products team. After a brief chat, I decided that this was the part of the Irish business in which I wanted to work. I engaged with the Products Ireland lead to express my interest in joining the team and on learning about my background in the Agricultural sector he helped to secure a suitable role. This initial engagement has now led to working directly with a lead Managing Director daily contributing to some of the most exciting developments in the Products sector in recent years.

Since joining products, I have worked with six different clients across various stages of their projects. I have been lucky enough to engage daily with our Digital team in the Dock and the Fjord team who have taught me design thinking (an exciting new way of working with clients). This has included activities such as leading client tours in the dock and getting the opportunity to present to C-suites, demoing new technologies such as Alexa functionality in the retail space, as well as participating in exciting client design meetings with senior client stakeholders.

Currently I am working on a very exciting project with a leading AgriFood company in Ireland. The scope of my role includes bringing an idea from concept to reality and coordinating various parts of the business to help shape and define the client opportunity. Not only that but I’m one of the first resources to work on the opportunity! As a result, I’m heavily involved in design conversations with senior people on the project and actively contributing valuable opinions that are shaping an exciting new project focusing on Technology and people.

As part of the role, I have also attended many events including conferences in the Agri sector, the food and drink sector and the retail sector. I have attended Teagasc farm days and the ploughing championships with various research visits to farmers around the country. Accenture has really allowed my obsession with wellies and cows to continue.

Outside of the 9 to 5, I also spend a lot of my time working in the more fun aspects such as planning nights out, random day activities and general mood lifters such as ice cream drops to the office. I’m also involved with the numerous Accenture societies. There are many societies in Accenture across all types of hobbies, if your interests are not catered for you can always create your own. In Accenture communities, people are extremely helpful and generally sound. You can help to organise and run events, training, townhalls, UAT, the list goes on. We have a great social life, from our monthly ‘Thank Crunchies’ to ACG events to surf and ski trips, we know how to enjoy ourselves!

Advice I would give to an incoming graduate, make the most of your grad programme and enjoy yourself!

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