November 25, 2016
Why Dublin?
By: Sean Judge

For years the trend of a significant portion of Irish millennials has been to move away from their Irish hometowns, and on to London, New York, San Francisco and other major cities. The lure of a bigger city presented the rumours of greater job opportunities and faster progression, but is that still really the case? In certain industries such as Banking, Advertising and Fashion, Ireland’s access to these opportunities are dwarfed in comparison to certain cities - but our emergence as a technology hub is not only making Dublin a major destination for anyone with a tech skillset, but also for those with complimentary skillsets in design, analytics & project management.

As part of my role as Accenture Ireland’s Entrepreneur in Residence, I have seen this dramatic shift in the past 2-3 years. The number of diverse jobs in emerging technology companies such as Intercom, Newswhip, Currencyfair and Slack has catapulted the Irish tech scene into a leading alternative to the aforementioned cities. Multinationals have also made a conscious decision to become thought leaders in emerging technologies such as block-chain, machine learning and experiential design.


Accenture has launched its The Dock in the past year, leveraging the vast global capabilities, talent and insight to develop a focused multidisciplinary research and incubation hub dedicated to developing proof of concepts and prototypes, at speed and scale.

Dublin’s technology ecosystem, its educated talent pool and access to European and US markets all combine to make Dublin an appealing base for Irish scale-ups to remain, and for international companies to locate to.

But what does this mean anything for those looking for opportunities in Dublin? Firstly, the more attractive the technology landscape of Dublin becomes, the more diverse the positions that exist become. Developers, product managers, designers and front office customer service staff are all required to keep these companies alive. Startup hubs like the NDRC, Ryan Academy and Dogpatch Labs are also ensuring a flow of new successful companies have the resources to get off the ground, and remain based in Dublin. Combined with organisations such as Startup Ireland and the Dublin Commissioner for Startups, these hubs have helped to create a unique community in Dublin where startups, multinationals and the staff of both can collaborate and engage with each other. The local community aspect of Dublin has remained despite its growth, which is something I haven’t experienced in other cities. It’s unusual to be more than two degrees of separation away from the person you need to talk to - which for building a business or finding your dream job, is always an advantage.

Finally, Dublin is becoming very dynamic. The influx of new companies where decisions are made fast (and wrong decisions are rectified even faster), has led to legacy firms adapting their own decision making approach. The reduction in red tape means innovation is flourishing and innovative employees are afforded the position to make breakthroughs that before would have been stunted.

To find out about Accenture The Dock Dublin-based career opportunities in software engineering, Fjord design, analytics, digital, artificial intelligence and more, visit our website and see how you can get involved. 

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