November 24, 2016
Welcome to our new, next generation workplace
By: Julie Spillane

Accenture The Dock represents the next leap forward for the future of work. Having recently moved into the heart of Dublin’s tech quarter at 7 Hanover Quay, our people are now based in a workplace geared towards innovation, designed for the future of how we work; flexible, creative, collaborative. In this newly designed space, our multidisciplinary teams of designers, developers and domain experts are coming together to tackle some of society’s biggest problems on a daily basis.


The flexible space enables teams to custom-build work environments, selecting whatever building blocks they need. Open areas filled with natural light are populated by workspaces built on wheels, power points that hang from the ceiling and moveable interactive screens. Throughout the building, interactive digital screens respond to individual gestures and touch. Meeting rooms and collaborative spaces possess collapsible soundproof walls, and the latest technology to collaborate with colleagues in the room and across the globe. For those working in the building, a bespoke mobile app. manages building and room access, personalises environments and acts as a gateway for connecting and collaborating with colleagues.

At its foundation, the design of the building is human centric, providing a flexible and open space to maximise creative output as well as prioritise the health and wellbeing of those working within. To enable this, the building has sensors throughout to gather data on how individuals are using the space; their patterns and preferences, reacting intelligently to those working within, as well as the surrounding environment. Over time, the building will collect data on everything from temperature and movement, to ambient light and room occupancy, all gathered on Accenture’s own centralised IoT platform.

This next generation workplace is our living experiment.

Today’s capabilities are just the beginning as we continue to evolve and grow. 

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