July 28, 2017
Three easy-to-action personal branding tips that’ll help open doors
By: Sinead Doherty

We meet lots of people who struggle with the concept of having a “Personal Brand”—from knowing what it means, to identifying an approach that works, it can be a tricky journey to embark upon.

So, as part of our partnership with Inspirefest, we hosted a fringe event to help demystify what it means to “Build a Personal Brand.”

Personal Branding 101

The concept of personal branding is nothing new; it hit the mainstream in 1997 when Tom Peters wrote an article entitled “The Brand Called You” for Fast Company Magazine.

In it he hypothesised that, instead of relying on a company for career guidance, it’s up to you to take ownership of your own brand.

Whether it’s formulaic or fortuitous, everyone has a personal brand; it’s how we communicate who we are and what we are good at. It’s what sets us apart from everyone else.

On the evening we heard from a panel of experts which included Vicky Godolphin (Head of Digital, Accenture Ireland), Lorna Ross (Design Director, Fjord Dublin) and Kelly Hoey (author of Build Your Dream Network), each offering unique perspectives and career stories.

In case you couldn’t make it along, we’ve rounded up three top tips from the evening.

Three easy-to-action personal branding tips that’ll help open doors
  1. It’s not all about me, me, me

    The best personal brand you can cultivate, both online and offline, is as a person who listens, who actively engages in relevant conversations and who shares valuable information.

    It’s not all about me, me, me

    Be the person who makes mutually beneficial introductions, who collaborates and who builds real relationships.

    You’ll look back in a few years and realise that you’ve built an invaluable community around you.

  2. It’s no longer just who you know, or what you know.

    We live in an era where it’s no longer who you know, or what you know; it’s who knows what you know!

    This means you need to stand out from the crowd and differentiate yourself.

    Your personal brand is your competitive edge. It separates you from the competition in the minds of potential employers.

    The more you build and nurture your brand, the more likely you are to elevate yourself above the competition.

    It’s no longer just who you know, or what you know

  3. Be authentic.

    Your personal brand is who you are.

    It’s not about who you know—It’s about who you are as a person.

    Networking is every single human interaction, and how you choose to engage during each of those interactions.

    Be authentic. Be you.

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