August 02, 2018
Showing our CoderDojo Ninjas that collaboration has no borders
By: Maria Varley

At The Dock, collaboration is part of everyday life. It’s woven into our DNA.

Our multidisciplinary teams work within a vibrant collision culture that pulls together designers, developers and experts in AI, advanced analytics, IoT, blockchain, security and mixed reality.

In a nutshell, collaboration works! We see the impact it has every day at The Dock with our teams, and it’s just as evident at our Monday night Dojo, where kids come together to learn how to code, develop websites, create apps, games and so much more.

Wait, there’s a "but"

The difference between how the Ninjas at our Dojo collaborate versus those of us working at The Dock is that our Ninjas only work with those inside the room. This sparked an idea!

What if we could show our Ninjas that collaboration has no borders?

We wanted to create an event where kids from different countries could virtually attend the same CoderDojo and learn a skill together.

With the help of our colleagues from across the globe, we arranged a virtual CoderDojo with teams in Columbia and Mexico which took place on June 23. Ireland’s CoderDojo was held at The Dock in Dublin, our original Dojo city and now one of 23 Dojo locations across six geographic units.

Ninjas from Ireland, Columbia and Mexico collaborated and coded in a game of Scratch (free programming language developed by the MIT Media Lab where interactive stories, games and animations can be created).

Showing our CoderDojo Ninjas that collaboration has no borders

The result

We wanted to show our Ninjas that collaboration can happen across continents despite language, time-zones and physical separation.

Utilizing our digital signage at The Dock, teams could see each other at work, and gain an understanding and appreciation of how easy it is to make friends and work with others from across the world.

The hope is that this will be the first of many similar events.

CoderDojo community

The CoderDojo Community wanted FY18 to be the year to consolidate and grow our Dojos, #MakingADifference locally in our communities.

Accenture is building a family of Dojos globally and the hope is that initiatives like this will continue to provide the support needed for our volunteers to continue to make a difference.

We encourage new ninjas aged 7 to 17 years old to join us. If you’re interested in your child attending our Dojo, you can sign them up here.

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