July 18, 2017
Robot Racing, Ukuleles and Lots of Fun - Bring Your Child to Work Day 2017
By: Colleen Connolly

Twelve months ago, we had just celebrated reaching 100 people.

We hadn’t moved into our shiny, new, connected building at 7 Hanover Quay – we didn’t even have a name.

Fast-forward a year, and The Dock is abuzz with over 200 innovators, ready for anything that could walk through its door… but was it ready for the 105 kids descending upon it for Bring Your Child to Work Day?!

Here’s a little insight into what went on on the day!

Preparing for chaos

While we tried to prepare our forty-nine volunteers for what was to come, trying to explain to people who have never experienced Bring Your Child to Work Day is almost as tricky as trying to tell an expectant parent what life might have in store.

The boxes of paintable ceramics were unpacked, the micro-processors were in stock, the comic strips were printed off, and everyone was waiting for the kids to arrive and for the madness to commence.

Oh, and arrive they did

Over 100 children stepped through the doors of The Dock that morning, and what a day we had.

The over 12’s group had a specially tailored day, starting with a tour of The Dock, followed by coding workshops with our CoderDojo Team and Comic Book workshops with our designers, before rounding off the day with some virtual Pictionary.

Meanwhile, across the rest of the building, the under 12’s were enjoying a variety of creative arts and crafts, Lego Making, Scratch, Comic-Strip design, a marshmallow challenge and, of course, Just Dance on our Mega Screen.

Robot Racing, Ukuleles and Lots of Fun -  Bring Your Child to Work Day 2017

The excitement continued long into the afternoon, with a couple of Ukulele’s jamming away and the four-person Just Dance Team dancing their socks off.

And the volunteers – exhilarated and totally exhausted - enjoyed a well-deserved break, when the day eventually wound down.

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