January 22, 2016
New Year, new ideas, new innovations….
By: Julie Spillane

With 2016 well underway, we are four months into the Centre for Innovation’s journey.  We are off to a great start—we have made significant progress with a number of new joiners, a creative interim work—space and the design for our high-tech future building. We’ve had a strong presence at Web Summit, held a Hadoop event and are kicking off our own tech talk series—since 30 September, that’s pretty good going!

The year ahead holds many exciting challenges and opportunities. We have a big hiring target to build a team of industry experts, design thinkers and tech gurus. These creative minds will collaborate and co-create to identify better ways to solve problems.  Exploring issues from the future of healthcare—investigating how to improve the quality of life, to how Artificial Intelligence will empower humans to do things more brilliantly every day. 

The team is kicking off a wave of “safaris” to a number of global Innovation hubs, a host of interviews and meetings in Ad Ops, Digital Marketing, Webscale and Artificial Intelligence, and, preparation for our first international recruitment event. That’s the tip of the iceberg!

I presented to members of our Global Leadership team last week who were very positive about the progress. They continue to reinforce the ambition of the Centre and challenge us to keep thinking big and pushing our boundaries.

I’ve attended and presented at a number of conferences to start sharing our story including the EI Innovation Showcase.  The whole team have been building momentum engaging in the start-up and academic ecosystem and attending a number of meet-ups.

We’re starting to see the reality of the dream and vision coming together—we are very pleased with our progress, lots more to come!

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