June 13, 2016
Making a safer world with technology
By: Dominique Verdejo

Innovation is happening at speed with a number of technologies, information and new ideas coming to life every day. Artificial Intelligence and more specifically Machine Learning have a huge impact on the whole IT landscape – security does not escape that reality. We are expecting new applications of machine learning in the most advanced fields of policing analytics, including predictive policing, and video analytics. Besides, Machine Learning provides the information system with a level of adaptability never achieved before. We expect technology to be improving operator experience in all decision-making environments, especially in crisis management and surveillance, by providing an overall better situational awareness.

Policing Analytics Illustration

In The Dock we specialise in policing analytics, these applications are dedicated to law enforcement and are more generically designed to help fighting crime and terrorism under all their forms. We know that organized crime and terrorism are very related and have a strong cross-border dimension. Our expectations and ambitions to be a part of the solution within this ecosystem are high.

The approach at the Centre is totally decentralized and pluridisciplinary, it involves a balanced mix of domain expertise, technical skills and design. This way, different points of view for a particular subject are mutually reinforcing. That perspective gives us an exponential chance of success by delivering solutions that fit market expectations and produce improved user experiences.

Dublin European Hub

Dublin, as a European Hub and Silicon Valley has a key role to play in the future of innovation and particularly in IT, which is one of its most important vectors. It has the potential to be a leading city, demonstrating that economic growth, sustainability and innovation are parts of the same challenge: to make a better and safer world.

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Dominique Verdejo
Policing Analytics Lead

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