August 03, 2016
Ireland as an Innovation Nation
By: Julie Spillane

Today the opportunity is palpable for Ireland to be known across the world as an Innovation Nation.

What’s needed to make this opportunity a reality?

Incredibly talented, diverse and highly skilled people who are focused on innovating every day.

Ireland is already earning its stripes as we continue to focus on harnessing diverse, open and ambitious talent to drive our innovation agenda. It is widely accepted that Ireland’s greatest natural resources include our people, our heritage in the arts and our commitment to education, all of which feed into a culture of imaginative, resilient connectors. What’s now being added to the mix is an influx of international tech talent, embracing what Ireland has to offer and bringing a diverse perspective. The result is electric.

I was recently invited to speak at FutureScope in Dublin and I highlighted that my number one priority as Director of The Dock for Innovation is to attract and nurture the best, most diverse talent who will lead this innovation journey.

The people we hire, from home and abroad, combined with having the right talent in a broader, thriving, connected ecosystem is the single biggest critical success factor for businesses of the future.

Accenture Ireland Innovation Center

The pace of change is rapid – half of the companies on the Fortune 500 in 2000 have disappeared. We see patterns of disruption everywhere, with a significant increase in computing power, billions of devices harvesting zettabytes of data and the digitisation of pretty much everything,

Digital technology is changing our society and it will continue to change the way in which we live even more in future years.

Accenture’s response to this change is The Dock. Launched in September last year we are cultivating a living, breathing innovation hub where we are solving our global client’s biggest challenges, such as digital transformation and the future of healthcare.

We are almost a year into this journey and already have over 100 people working with us. We are hiring for talent not just for jobs, we are hiring for the future potential we see in people and in turn they see a future with us.  We have people joining us from all over the world.

People want to join us as they are excited by their ability to make an impact, they are energised by the opportunity to work alongside Accenture’s Entrepreneur in Residence, Sean Judge of UniTuition or to volunteer at our sold out Coder Dojo sessions. They really love the relentless focus on design and our relationship with Fjord – Accenture’s design engine and they love the opportunity to work with clients and other partners as well.

While we are thrilled that people are attracted to come and work in The Dock we know that what they really see is the total package of what working in innovation in Dublin offers - they see the possibilities of the future, of a future in Dublin, and they see the part they can play in the future of this Innovation Nation.

Do you see your future with us? Check out the opportunities to come and break future ground at The Dock:

Accenture Ireland Innovation Center

Julie Spillane

Director of The Dock

Follow Julie on twitter at @Julespillane

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