October 14, 2016
Innovation at the heart of health & life sciences
By: Sita Toolan

Innovation is now moving to the heart of healthcare. Patient centricity and outcome focused solutions are becoming key drivers for traditional Health and Life Sciences companies. Accenture The Dock in Dublin is enabling this transformation, working closely with Healthcare service providers and Life Science companies.

We were delighted to recently sponsor the Innovation in Health award at the Irish Internet Association Net Visionary Awards, demonstrating our support and commitment to new innovation and the start-up community working in this space. Congratulations to the award winners @BeatsMedical, who are revolutionising how people with Parkinson's are treated, assessed and monitored, enabling greater control of their condition their mobile technology.

Our support for new innovations in health doesn’t end there. We are also driving start-up applications for the recently launched Healthtech Innovation Challenge. This challenge aims to bring together innovative, leading-edge start-ups with prominent life sciences and health companies to tackle some of the world’s greatest digital health challenges. Are you a Healthtech start-up? Ready to innovate in health with Accenture? Apply by 21st October here.

Accenture HealthTech

At The Dock we are working on several exciting projects that will change the lives of patients and healthcare practitioners for the better. One of our most significant opportunities is leveraging the latest technologies to improve services for patients and physicians alike. We are building out smart solutions through Accenture’s Intelligent Patient Platform. with new and innovative technology solutions using advanced analytics and artificial intelligence. Design is a key part of everything we do, using the expert capabilities of our colleagues in Fjord and Boomerang. We are working with our US and UK colleagues on the Accenture Life Sciences Cloud to help pharmaceutical companies simplify and speed drug development. We have also partnered with Boston Scientific to help develop a data-driven digital health solution to help improve patient outcomes and reduce cost of treating chronic cardiovascular conditions.

Bringing innovation to the heart of Healthcare and Life Sciences is a key driver at The Dock. Interested to innovate with us? Visit


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