March 21, 2018
How can innovation enhance employee experience for over 420,000 people?
By: Susanne Jeffery

It’s no mean feat.

As Global Lead of Employee Experience and Change at Accenture, it’s my responsibility to identify how we can empower our people to be at their best every day in work.

This quest has led to the development of an area at The Dock called 'the Employee Experience Innovation Space', which was officially launched by our Chief Human Resources Officer, Ellyn J. Shook, last year.

How can innovation enhance employee experience for over 420,000 people?

What is employee experience?

Employee experience is everything.

It's the physical environment that you work in and the tech that you work with, coupled with the colleagues that you work alongside and the process that we have as an organisation.

It’s all of the above - for 420,000+ people worldwide.

We focus on employee experience at Accenture so we can improve how we live and work, but also so we can adapt to the changing landscape of our society, and shape what our workplaces are and what the future of work looks like.

Inside the Employee Experience Innovation Space

We’re using The Dock as a test bed.

It’s a key part of our vision to create new ways to improve and enhance the employee experience.

Enter 'the Employee Experience Innovation Space'.

Inside the Employee Experience Innovation Space

The space is anchored to our truly human ambition; it recognises what gives us a sense of belonging and a sense of purpose, what makes us happy, physically energised, and mentally focused.

Everything in the Employee Experience Innovation Space has a specific purpose.

A soundproofed isolation booth is equipped with a VR headset to help employees take a moment to get away from it all, virtually.

Inside the Employee Experience Innovation Space

An 'ideas board' invites them to jot down some inspirational thoughts that occur to them, while a well-stocked aquarium acts as a booster for concentration.

The colorful seating area that wraps around the space has been created to facilitate a more relaxed environment in which to work.

A place for experimentation

One of the tools we’re using is called HeartMath.

It syncs an app with a sensor connected to the user’s ear to provide guided breathing exercises.

Another experimentation running at the moment is Accenture Fit.

This tests the impact of wearables on peoples mental and physical wellbeing. We’ve given employees participating in the experiment a one-on-one consultation with a trainer to determine goals that are now tracked using Fitbits.

The data feeds into an internal platform, adding a competitive edge to the project. This will run for two months, before we’ll take time to analyse the data and study the impacts.

I fully expect us to adjust this space over time, as it will need to keep evolving and adapting to needs and behaviours.

Looking to the future, our ultimate goal is to recreate the space in other Accenture offices across the world, to help empower our people to be at their very best.

Interested in exploring open opportunities at The Dock? Visit our careers page!

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