February 08, 2017
Innovation by design
By: Bethany Cullen

Let me start out by saying, there are no such things as unicorns.
However, the concept of a UX unicorn is one I embrace warmly. As a Fjordian, I take pride in calling myself a service design unicorn. In other words, a jack-of-all-trades creative thinker and doer.

What we uniquely have as a Fjord team within The Dock is a group of unicorns, a.k.a. multi-skilled, multi-talented creative designers—from graphic, interaction and service design, to content design, creative technology and business design. We can harmoniously work together or with other disciplines to enliven new ways of thinking.

To me, innovation means creating or reinventing products and services through human centered research and design. But to successfully innovate, the culture of a company is key. And that’s why the magic at The Dock happens when Design meets Software Engineering meets Analytics. Dump in loads of research, ask as many users for as much feedback as many times as possible, sprinkle in technical architects and subject matter experts, and you’ve got the recipe for true co-created design-led innovation.

In this wonderful mix of talent, what Fjord is passionate about is to always lead with a customer-focused experience. We apply a design lens, therefore, we flip the thinking. From designing things to designing for people. To replace customer loyalty with customers actually staying loyal. From replacing employees with technology, to empowering them with technology.


When addressing product and service design, many projects take a tech-focused, or device-focused approach. But customers crave a different experience. For success, product and service designers need to understand people’s needs, and design the technology to fit the customer’s needs—not the other way around.

We believe that the impact of design is all around us. From our homes, bodies and families, to transport, education, work, finances and shopping. For this reason, Fjord just announced their launch in Dublin at The Dock to bring a new wave of design innovation, to be the unicorns.

Are you looking forward to be the next unicorn in our team? Join us at :


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