August 22, 2017
What is it that makes our innovation culture at The Dock so unique?
By: George Krasadakis

Here at The Dock we are dreamers; dreamers who do.

We are inventors, intrapreneurs, creative technologists and scientists with entrepreneurial spirit, always in search of novel ways to solve big problems and make real-world impact.

What makes The Dock a great place to work? An amazing, connected building, a diverse pool of talent and, to top it all off, a unique innovation culture.

What is it that makes our culture unique?

We think as users; we act as entrepreneurs

While approaching a problem, we always think as a user; we focus on maximizing the value to the user and identifying optimal user experiences.

At the same time we act as entrepreneurs by focusing on feasibility, business value and strategy. We then apply lean principles and agile engineering to execute at fast pace.

Our multidisciplinary teams act as start-ups within The Dock.

We think as users; we act as entrepreneurs

We enjoy experimenting

Yes, we are obsessed with success stories, but failure is an option; failure to us is a successful experiment with a no-go decision.

We focus in on identifying failing indicators early, and make the right decisions at the right time—this is the core of our experimentation culture: Be ready to fail fast, fail safe and use a feedback loop to keep learning and improving.


We break the rules

We are data-driven and fact-based; we challenge the norms; we continuously validate our assumptions, and we are ready to re-state them based on data, facts and just-in-time user insights.

We believe in rapid prototyping

Rapid prototyping requires technological readiness, processes, resources and primarily the right mindset.

We use reusable software components, services and API’s, data packages, generic analytical models, UI building blocks, data sets and content enabling a rapid application development mode.

We can build physical, digital and mixed-reality prototypes, functional applications combining advanced technologies, data and user interaction scenarios with just a few days' effort.

We believe in rapid prototyping

We think of products

Experimentation, rapid prototyping and rapid application development are all great for proving concepts, technologies and use-cases, thus empowering early, informed decisions.

Moving forward, we apply product development thinking to set the big picture and define the strategy.

We are always aiming towards products with significant value for our clients, that deliver great experiences for our users.

We think of products

We start small, think big and iterate fast.

The Dock offers a unique opportunity to all its members; it is a place where employees can work on ambitious ideas and leverage special tech equipment, the latest technologies, talent and expertise; it is a place where people can prototype their concepts, get advice, iterate, and possibly build a team and make it happen.

This is the place where every employee is also an intrapreneur; and this is by design.

If you are looking for a career where you can have real-world impact, we are hiring Software Engineers, Analytics, AI and IOT specialists at all levels, and Designers.

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