September 09, 2017
How governments can service citizens using Artificial Intelligence
By: Colleen Connolly

For a Sci-Fi fan there’s something satisfying about the trends we are seeing in digital and AI for government; it’s like watching re-runs of the 1970s Star Trek TV series - full of hand-held communicators, tablet screens, and computers that can interpret voice commands.

Our technology is finally catching up with one of the most widely accepted visions of the future.

Okay, so the series never showed how the United Federation of Planets handled citizen’s taxation needs, but technology is now at a place where it is influencing policy and policy-makers.

How can governments service citizens using #AI? Read the full post here >> @AccentureDock



The movement forward

Technology has given society the means of harnessing public opinion as social media tools mediate the unconscious stream of thought.

Citizens no longer wait to polling day to vote with their feet; they petition, they lobby, and they parade, all without leaving the anonymity of their online presence.

The movement forward.

The movement forward is to understand this citizen and to supply not only tailored services, but personalised services.

Governments used to conform to business models that constrained their ability to offer joined-up services to their citizens.

Everything has changed

Here in Dublin at The Dock, we are exploring what that change means.

Can governments use technology to put citizens at the centre of its government experience? What does this mean for interacting with a government on its portal? Can governments supply 24/7 web chat support using AI at peak tax submission points?

What does it mean for a policy maker now that there is enough data to understand the statistics and trends that go with a particular social problem? Can you map outcomes to interventions? How does this change policy when the focus is not primarily on cost, but on positive outcomes, also.

Everything has changed.

At The Dock, part of our vision is to explore what governments can now offer citizens in a world where AI and cognitive computing are real offerings with real implications for improving the lives of citizens.

We are not trying to recreate the United Federation of Planets, but instead to become vision-makers in our own right to effect change.

If you are interested in solving real world problems, we currently have a number of open roles at The Dock, Accenture’s new global multidisciplinary research and incubation hub.

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