March 30, 2016
From Financial Services to the Commentary Box – My First 18 Months at Accenture​
By: Jamie Khan

Hello there, and thanks for reading my blog post!

My name is Jamie Khan, and I am an Analytics Analyst working in the Accenture Analytics team in Dublin, Ireland. I joined Accenture as a graduate back in July 2014, and have been involved in a wide variety of exciting and interesting projects ever since. I have seen lots of blogs and posts on here about starting life in Accenture, so I’ll try not to touch on that too much, and talk more about my roles internally and on client site; and more specifically, my involvement with the RBS 6 Nations.

Two days after joining Accenture I was flown off to Chicago, where I completed the two week training school in Management Consulting – these were two of the best weeks I’ve had since joining Accenture, and are a great welcome to the company! After finishing the training school it was back to the office where I was trained in more specific Analytics skills and tools such as Qlikview, R, and SAS. Using these skills, I spent three months in the Accenture office doing internal Marketing Development and Innovation work. Some of my start group were sent out to client site straight away, but I was thankful to have a couple of months in the office to help me settle in to the working life.

Once I completed the MDI work, it was time for me to tackle my first client site. I spent a year in a large financial institution doing customer Analytics work, before being sent to the UK to work on a large Analytics project. Both projects have been great experiences for me, and show how much variety there is in the work you will be involved in if you join Accenture.

During both of these projects, I have been fortunate enough to be heavily involved in some of the fascinating RBS 6 Nations work that Accenture do. Being the Official Technology Partner for the championship, Accenture have been making huge strides in making the RBS 6 Nations much more insightful and interactive for rugby fans than ever before. The Official RBS 6 Nations App, developed by Accenture, has become an invaluable tool for those who want to see beyond and gain insights from the data live during matches. I unfortunately wasn’t involved in building this app, but I have been one of the many beneficiaries from the insightful statistical rugby tool.

As well as being involved in building a predictive model for this year’s championship, myself and the Analytics team have been working closely with RTE (an Irish TV and Radio Broadcaster) and the IRFU (the Irish Rugby Football Union) to provide them with statistics and insights live during Ireland matches. Using the Accenture RBS 6 Nations analytics dashboard (an internal dashboard similar to the public mobile app) I have been working with the RTE Radio Team to help supplement their live commentary of Ireland games with interesting insights and statistics, which are then used to paint a clearer picture of the game for the listening audience. I have been fortunate to work alongside RTE Radio Commentator, Michael Corcoran, and co-commentators/Irish rugby legends, Tony Ward, Bernard Jackman, and Donal Lenihan, in the commentary box during Ireland’s matches this year.


L-R: Tony Ward, Michael Corcoran, and myself at the Ireland vs Wales game in the Aviva Stadium, Dublin.

With Ireland playing England and France away this year, I travelled to both Stade de France and Twickenham where I again used the live Accenture RBS 6 Nations dashboard to call out real-time statistics and insights to the commentators, who report these live on air to back-up their own views and arguments.


The view from the commentary box at Stade de France.

Working in the commentary box at the Ireland matches is something I never envisaged when I first joined, but again, this shows the wide and exciting range of opportunities you are given when you work at Accenture!

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