February 07, 2017
Enter the new
By: Amelia Pane Schaffner

I have been involved with innovation at Accenture for a few years now, and it’s such a stimulating area of the business, always promising new adventures!

“In-Novo” (the root for innovation) means “into the new” in Latin, and that is exactly what we mean by “In-Novation” at Accenture: a new way of doing things that adds value.

Officially, our mission is “to become one of the world's leading companies, bringing innovations to improve the way the world works and lives.”
It makes me proud to work with such a goal. In fact, “the new” has been a key element of our DNA from the start, as we have evolved from a small company to a global multi-disciplinary one, always adapting to the changing markets, and the pace of change in business and technology.


Inside our company, we have a complex ecosystem of people, places and capabilities that support us to bring new ideas to our clients, to innovate in what we do ourselves, to be agile and open to new approaches. We call this six-node ecosystem the Accenture Innovation Architecture.

  1. Research identifies and anticipates game-changing business, market and technology trends through provocative thought leadership.

  2. Our Ventures group partners with—and invests in—growth-stage companies that create innovative enterprise technologies, using an open innovation approach.

  3. Our 7 global Labs incubate and prototype new concepts through applied R&D.

  4. Our Studios build innovative solutions with speed and agility, using agile and design thinking methods.

  5. At our many global Innovation centres we bring our solutions to scale and demonstrate their impact for our clients.

  6. Finally, at our 50+ Delivery centres we industrialize the delivery of our innovations.

I recently had a chance to do a full-immersion two-week visit into our recently opened launch pad for innovation, The Dock, which brings together five elements of our architecture under one roof (all except delivery). It is such a unique and special place to work, think, create and make connections.


The Dock is in the heart of Silicon Docks, Dublin’s thriving tech quarter, with great “neighbours” like Google, Facebook and Airbnb. The physical building is unique: a futuristic glass and metal architecture overseeing Grand Canal Dock. It is the world leading connected building, with over 12,000 sensors intelligently monitoring elements such as lighting, temperature, occupancy, CO2, humidity and motion. The building uses CPAAS—Connected Platform as a Service—Accenture’s own IOT platform—as its glue and “brain”.

Then there are the amazing people: 200 and growing, from over 20 nationalities, each with such diverse technical, business and creative backgrounds, all collaborating in a multi-disciplinary way, with the help of some friendly robots.

The place is seriously buzzing with energy: It is not your regular office … it is a constantly evolving space where people are finding new and exciting ways of working together with our clients. It fits our desire to continuously “rotate in the new.”

Experimentation is everywhere: virtual reality, movable walls, interactive living boards on the wall that react when touched with new information, prototypes, modular furniture, immersive and creative environments. And the project portfolio—for both Accenture and our clients—is frequently rebalanced to adjust to new trends, technologies and ideas, ranging from Artificial Intelligence to the Workforce of the Future.

I am super-excited to be part of such an exciting journey into the future with Accenture and invite you to “enter the new.”

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