October 18, 2017
A Graduate's Training & Development
By: Conor Murphy

Some of my training highlights include;

  • My first week in GCS from the buddy lunch, the different speakers and learning from their experiences

  • On the job learning from team, managers, client staff

  • MyLearning, online resource provided to allow upskilling as all graduates work in areas they aren’t immediately familiar with

  • The training at the international week abroad with my start group in Madrid

While I’ve only been in the company 9 months, the training I’ve received was one of the high points of my time in Accenture so far. I was initially worried that my time spent studying mechanical engineering in college wouldn’t be directly related to whatever project I would end up on. However, on the first day, I realised most people were in the same boat, and that what was more important was more general skills we learnt in college; team-work, problem solving and time management. The training we received aimed to bridge the gap between what we learnt in college and what we were expected to learn to be effective consultants.

Training comes in all forms, from your first week in Grand Canal Square to the international training in London or Madrid. The in-office training over your first week allows you not only get to know all the other graduates you start with, but also some of the senior people within the company, who share their stories on how they got where they are now. You’ll learn about everything, from the basics like how to fill out a time-sheet, up to how to improve your communication and presenting skills.

When you land your first project, most of the training will happen on the job. My first project was on something I had no prior experience of, which was daunting at first. From the start though, the rest of the team spent a lot of time working with me and helping me understand some of the issues I’d be helping to solve over the coming months.

The highlight of my training experience with Accenture so far was undoubtedly the time I spent in Madrid with my start group. Roughly 150 people, mostly recent graduates, from all over Europe come together for a week in the centre of Madrid. During the days, we’d hear talks from industry experts about upcoming innovations in technology and where the markets are heading. We were also put into smaller groups for half the week, working together to solve problems, interview clients and develop our presentation skills.

However, the overall experience in Madrid was the most important part for us all. Every evening there was an event on where we could meet and get to know people from the offices all across Europe. Whether it was an analyst from the London office, a manager from Poland or a Dutch Senior Manager, the connections that were made in Madrid are continuing to serve my start group in terms of future opportunities, both professional and otherwise. When we had time to ourselves, we could relax at the rooftop pool, or explore all that Madrid had to offer.

Coming into Accenture, they didn’t expect us to know everything, and they really make an effort to get you integrated into the company and up to speed on what you need to know.

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