May 25, 2016
The Dock: A new kind of workforce
By: Claire Carroll

I’ve always found Ireland a highly attractive location for research and development because of its’ long and rich history in science and technology innovation going back hundreds of years. Dublin is renowned as home to the world’s largest technology companies and is a dynamic, fast paced city with a good standard of living. There is a fascinating mix of skillsets and personalities in Dublin and it’s a great destination for people who want to experience exciting tech jobs in a small city with huge ambitions. This is one of the main reasons we found a home for The Dock in Silicon Docks, Ireland’s technology heartland.

Centre for Innovation: New kind of workforce

The Dock is a brave undertaking by Accenture and it has the right philosophy in terms of how to bring different disciplines, diverse teams and design thinkers together. This isn’t easy, which is also what I enjoy. It’s not very often (if ever!) you would get an opportunity to be part of something this special, particularly when you look at the caliber of talent across teams like Advanced Analytics, Life Sciences and Digital Marketing.

At the Centre we like people who challenge the status quo and believe there is a better way to practice marketing. They think big, are deeply curious and constantly learning bringing lateral thinking and ideas to problem solving. With strong marketing acumen they have opinions on how it’s evolving and can articulate creatively how it can unlock value for clients and reshape the landscape.

Join Our Team

To meet this vision we’re looking for more talent to join our team.

My advice to you is be creative in how you market yourself. If you have great ideas, be able to show it inherently in how you put yourself out there, rather than explicitly explaining it in detail. It’s this effortless demonstration of what people are capable of that really catches our attention. There are lots of really great examples online of how certain experts put personal sites, CVs, apps together to tell a compelling story about why they’re unique.

If you believe you’re a great marketer and are insanely curious about the future of the industry then market a brilliant story about the power of you!

Check out our careers page for opportunities:

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