Tell me about your journey to joining Accenture. 

Jessica profileI joined Accenture as an intern in January 2018. I studied Actuarial Mathematics at undergraduate level and part of the degree was a 7-month internship. I decided early on that the Actuarial profession wasn't for me, but a lot of what I was learning was transferable in to data analytics. I applied to Accenture's Analytics Internship Programme, and I haven't looked back since.

Tell me about the work you do

Since coming back as a graduate in September 2020, I have been working as a Data Science Analyst within Accenture's Applied Intelligence practice. The work I have been doing has primarily been in the Communications, Media and Technology (CMT) client group. However, since joining as an intern, I have already worked across three contrasting industries: Life Sciences, Financial Services and CMT.

This is a huge drawing factor for me as my work is constantly changing and evolving and I'm always learning something new, whether it's a new technical skill or some industry specific content that I need to be familiar with.

What’s the most exciting project you’ve worked on and what made it so exciting?

When asked this question, I always think back to my first project as an intern. It was an internal project that was set up to continue to strengthen the Applied Intelligence practice’s capabilities. I worked with data analysts and consultants to create a generalised delivery framework for the implementation of a digital wearable technology solution. To do this we leveraged their past project material and experience to create a start-to-finish delivery framework. So, not only did I get to work with a cutting edge wearable technology solution as soon as I joined, I also got to see and learn about how a consulting project is run from beginning to end.

My work is constantly changing and evolving and I'm always learning something new.
What’s a day-in-the-life like at Accenture? 

A typical day starts at 9am. The client team I'm currently working with is based out of the U.S, so I log on and check if our American colleagues have sent anything through to us overnight. At 9:30am, the Accenture members of our team have a daily meeting. In these meetings we review work completed the day before, receive our tasks for the day, prepare for upcoming client meetings and ask any questions that we have.  

After this there is usually a window of time for us to get most of our tasks completed before our American team members come online and we have more meetings to join. In these client meetings I am listening intently to capture as much detail as required. We are usually speaking with Subject Matter Experts that are giving us feedback and inputs for our work, so I have learned the more detail I capture the better.

What do you like the most about working at Accenture?

I knew I wanted to continue learning after my degree and Accenture offer a wide variety of choice for upskilling - for example, last year they launched "TQ" - an online course to increase employee's Technology Quotient i.e., their ability to talk about tech. They are quick, 1-2 hour courses that give employee's an overview on topics such as AI, Blockchain and Cloud.  

I have also been sent on two week-long training courses in Python - one for designing analytical base tables for advanced analytics and another for machine learning. These courses have been invaluable and I hope to continue using these skills for years to come

Aside from training opportunities, I have to say I love the people and the culture at Accenture too. We are encouraged to be our authentic selves and it really shows. Everyone is friendly and approachable and this has made virtual working much easier

What advice would you give to someone interested in the work you do?

I would say that a little bit of enthusiasm goes a long way. Don’t be afraid to speak up and say you are interested in a certain topic. Accenture have projects in every corner of every industry so it is likely that if work hasn't begun on your favourite topic yet, then it is about to!

Meet our People - Applied Intelligence - Jessica


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