Tell me about your journey to joining Accenture. 

 I moved to Ireland in 2017 to pursue my degree in Data and Computational Science and I joined Accenture three years ago as part of the Graduate Programme, after graduating from my Masters in UCD. It’s been an amazing experience ever since the beginning – I have found so much support, opportunities, and guidance throughout my career with Accenture.

Tell me about the work you do

One of my favourite quotes, which nicely describes the work I do, says that the best part about being a statistician - or data analyst - is that you get to ‘play’ in everyone’s ‘backyard’. It means that you get to learn about so many industries; you get to hypothesise and test so many scenarios; gather insights and develop really exciting technical solutions. As part of my role, I get to develop a nice blend of skills; from statistics, maths, machine learning,  and programming to soft skills like communication and presentation qualities.

What’s the most exciting project you’ve worked on and what made it so exciting?

Fairness in machine learning is an exciting and vibrant area of research and discussion among academics and practitioners. The goal is to identify and mitigate unjust treatment of individuals based on factors outside their control like gender, race, religion, disability and other characteristics associated with discrimination and marginalization.

Our work with a client represented an exciting exercise in examining their machine learning model for any unintentional discriminatory behaviours towards customers  pertaining to a protected class.

It’s the intersection of a multitude of disciplines that made it such an interesting piece of work. It involves the technical work combined with aspects of social, legal and ethical sciences. Having all of these people in the room, sparking discussions and examining the problem from such diverse perspectives made it a very unique experience. 

Accenture teams bring such a diverse set of people, ideas and experiences to learn from and be part of
What’s a day-in-the-life like at Accenture? 

I find that each day challenges you in unique ways – some days will require you to be very creative, others will demand focus to perform a piece of research, upskill to use a new technology or collaborate closely with your team to implement a technical solution.

It’s this diversity that makes it such an engaging and interesting environment.

What do you like the most about working at Accenture?

I’ve come across amazing people, very talented and passionate about their work. It is so inspiring to be part of such an environment, as well as providing the motivation to become a better version of yourself. And you have the support and resources to achieve that.

What advice would you give to someone interested in the work you do?

Stay curious and embrace challenges – as they represent the opportunities for further development. Often there are no clear-cut answers and that’s exactly what makes this environment such an exciting and creative space. Accenture teams bring such a diverse set of people, ideas and experiences to learn from and be part of, that enable me to continually grow and progress my career.


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