Tell me about your journey to joining Accenture. 

Aisling profile

As part of my masters in Mechanical Engineering with Business in UCD, we did a 6 month placement. Rather than joining an engineering firm, I wanted to try something different, which is how I landed in Analytics at The Dock. I really enjoyed the technical aspects of the internship, learning to code in Python, but I especially liked the culture and people that worked in The Dock, so I was delighted to re-join The Dock after college in 2019.

Tell me about the work you do

I learn about the domain of the project I work on, which can be anything from healthcare to capital markets to the pharmaceutical industry. My main role includes coding in Python, working with data to solve big and small problems. There is also a lot of collaboration between analytics and the design, software and commercial teams.

What’s the most exciting project you’ve worked on and what made it so exciting?

The most exciting project was one we called 'Coralation' - we took a dataset of 10,000+ underwater images from different coral reefs and trained deep learning models to distinguish types of algae from other substrates such as coral or sand. The problem area was really exciting to explore but what was more exciting was that our efforts were complementing the research done by the Australian Institute of Marine Science, helping them fight coral reef bleaching and degradation.

A day-in-the-life at Accenture? Problem solving, coffee chats and lots of learning.
What’s a day-in-the-life like at Accenture? 

Problem solving, coffee chats and lots of learning. 

What do you like the most about working at Accenture?

My favourite thing about my job is the technical aspects of the work I do. I am motivated and engaged in what I do because of those technical aspects, but it definitely helps that I get to work with such supportive and fun people, all from really different and interesting backgrounds.

What advice would you give to someone interested in the work you do?

Online courses are great for learning, and it’s definitely worth having conversations with as many different people as possible to understand the types of roles out there.


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