October 18, 2016
A Busy Week in Accenture
By: Sam Sinnott

Hi Everyone,

I would like to share my experience of a typical week as an Analyst in Accenture. It has been a busy one but I hope it gives you a flavour of what a week in the life of an Accenture analyst is like.


Bright eyed and bushy tailed, I went to work excited to catch-up with the team and set out our priorities for the week ahead. This week we are working on security improvements for the client and will be analysing the environment for potential security flaws. After a busy morning of meetings and research into the environment, lunch time comes around and I am greeted by two of the analysts from my smart group. Based in technology, they have just come back from two weeks of training in the Madrid office. They told me all about their trip and how during their training they worked through a full project lifecycle. Working through the design, build and test phase of a project, they learnt about key procedures like how to document their work and how to work as part of a team and get the most out of each other.


After lunch it was back to work with other team meeting to confirmation of the goals/deliverables for the week.


After catching up on some emails in the morning, I started to work on some automation work to streamline one of the processes being used to monitor one of on my client’s systems. After the change order meeting which gave us the go ahead for our security project, I began the first round of testing the environment.

Evening time rolled around and it was time to help with some extra-curricular activities! This week was a busy week for the University Action Team and so a helping hand was appreciated. As assistant to the internship coordinator, my job was to go to events throughout the week and talk to applicants about the internship and what to expect during it. On Tuesday evening I went to the UpStarter Event in Powerscourt Town Centre in Dublin.


There was such a great turnout at the event and I met some really cool applicants who were really keen to hear about life at Accenture. For applicants looking for more information I gave them my email address and will keep in touch with them throughout the application process.


With the first phase of the security testing completed, it was time to start the second phase. A stand-up meeting was organised in the morning with the client’s IT managers to update them on the testing in phase one. At this meeting we got approval to commence phase two of testing the next day. A few hours of testing later we got to our first set of data points and the process of data analytics began.

After a long day of scripting, documenting and number crunching it was time to meet up with two of the members of my start group for dinner. Based in different client groups to me, it was interesting to hear about their work to-date and how their teams differ in size and role.



At this point of the week we had completed our testing, gathered our data and analysed the results. Then it was time to build a presentation on our findings. After a busy afternoon of PowerPoint, Visio and Excel, the presentation was completed and a meeting organised for the following day.

As the evening time rolled around, so did the cogs of the University Action Team. This time it was next stop, UCD! On Thursday evening we met with the engineering students of UCD to talk about Accenture’s graduate and internship programs. As a previous intern with Accenture and a recent graduate from UCD engineering, I spoke to the students about my experiences and the different projects I had been working on. The students were very interested to hear how transferrable the engineering skillset was to the work done in Accenture.



As the sprint security project came to a close, the senior management on the project were presented with our findings. With good feedback and some security risks identified, we geared up for another busy week of patching and hardening of the flaws identified.

As you can see it was a busy and exciting week but that’s all part of a career at Accenture! Every day is a learning curve and you never end up doing the same thing. From challenging, interesting and evolving projects during the day, fun lunch times and sharing experiences with people you meet at recruitment events, every week at Accenture is different! Each week you arrive excited to see what’s in store!

Until Next Time,


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