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February 23, 2017
Accenture open world leading connected building in Dublin’s Silicon Docks
By: Matthew Marson

The Dock represents the next leap forward for connected buildings. Located in the heart of Dublin’s tech quarter, the new research and incubation hub is geared towards collaboration, designed as a workspace where multidisciplinary teams can come together to tackle some of the world’s biggest problems. This connected building is our showcase of the evolving IoT platform for connected spaces, which will transform the future of work in the years to come.


Thousands of sensors embedded throughout the building allow The Dock to adapt to occupant behaviour, reacting intelligently to stimuli like a living organism. Naturally, technology helps manage the building efficiently, but the approach is human centric, with Accenture’s designers, developers and domain experts the primary focus. Providing a space to maximise their health and wellbeing, as well as their creative output, is at the core of the project. 

Data on everything from temperature and movement, to ambient light and room occupancy, is fed into a centralised IoT platform. Using advanced analytics, the building can be monitored through interactive dashboards, giving granular control over virtually every function. For those working there, a bespoke mobile app manages building and room access, helps personalise environments and acts as a gateway for connecting and collaborating with colleagues.


The flexibility of the IoT platform enables the building to constantly evolve, adapting to user needs as they arise. New applications and use cases will come online as The Dock’s inhabitants develop their understanding of how the building works, and how its technology can help them work smarter. This IoT platform not only has the power to transform our experience of the workplace, but can be applied in places like hospitals and airports, enabling greater connection and efficiency of the people and services working there.

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