October 21, 2016
5 steps to take before you submit your Accenture Graduate Application
By: Mary Kate

I’ve spent the last number of months chatting with potential Accenture Graduate hires about the application process and preparing for interviews. There is a lot of information out there and sometimes Grads aren’t too sure where to start their preparations. Below I have outlined 5 steps anyone applying to Accenture can take to help with the application process and interview stages.

  1. The Background:
    It sounds basic, but many people skip this one – look up the website! Make sure you have an understanding of the different aspects of the company and what makes Accenture stand out from our competitors. Maybe it’s our investment in training, our Volunteering Days, the variety of clients or the wide range of clubs and societies. Read the website through and make sure you understand what makes Accenture a market leader.

  2. The Trends:
    Before you start you should take some time to read a few of our most recent reports and Thought Leadership – the annual TechVision Report is always a good place to start. This will give you an insight into the trends of the future that are currently emerging in the technology space. You don’t need to know the details of the coding, design or programming, just a good overview of how these technology trends are going to change the way world does business. Accenture publishes many reports on all aspects of business strategy, consulting, analytics, digital etc. Make yourself familiar with some of these areas and are ready to discuss where you think thy industry may go next.

  3. The Role:
    Do some research on Accenture clients and the kind of work we do for them. Understand the role of an Analyst on a project team and their role with the client. This information isn’t readably available – so make sure that at you try and attend an Accenture Experience event to meet with Analysts and ask them about their typical day on client site. The role of an Analyst will vary based on client, project, size of the team etc. so have a chat with a few Analysts at the Accenture stand at your careers fair to get a broader picture of the actual day-to-day role.

  4. The Culture:
    Accenture offers a lot more than cool clients and interesting projects – we have a myriad of Clubs and Societies, look some of them up and see what ones might interest you! We also have great support networks in terms of Career Counsellors, an award winning LGBT and Women’s network as well as social activities throughout the year. Accenture clients don’t bring us in when things are easy, we are usually working on complex problems. Be prepared to work hard, but know that we play hard too. The Grad Ireland site will give you an insight into the culture at Accenture.

  5. The Fit:
    Once you have taken the above steps this is where you need to step back and think where do you fit at Accenture? Is there a particular Industry you would like to learn more about or a client who is doing work that really interests you? Think about where you would like your Accenture adventure to take you!

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