December 19, 2016
3 Reasons Why Accenture is a Great Place to Start Your Career
By: Aine McHugh

I’ve been working for Accenture for just over a year now and I can genuinely say that the reasons why I decided to join in the first place actually hold up when working here. There are a lot more than three reasons as to why Accenture is a great place to start your career, I’m trying to be concise by keeping it to three!

Many of you reading this blog may have already received offers to the graduate programme, hopefully this blog with reaffirm some of the reasons why you decided to apply to the Accenture Graduate Programme in the first place.

  1. The People
    For those of you who may have met some of us recently, at graduate fairs and Accenture experience events, you may have picked up on how approachable and helpful we are (hopefully!). This also transpires when you are working for Accenture, everyone from Analyst level to Managing Director, are approachable and there to help. Accenture’s ‘One Global Network’ allows us to reach out to colleagues across the globe for support too.

    There are a lot of opportunities to network and meet new people in Accenture, from events like International Woman’s Day and getting involved in clubs and societies.

  2. Fast Paced Environment
    From day one on a project you are interacting with clients and expected to put your best foot forward at all times. Personally, I thrive in working in a fast paced environment, working closely with clients and colleagues allow you to develop and grow professionally in this type of work environment.

  3. Continuous Learning
    After spending a few years in University it’s important to continue learning throughout your career. Working for Accenture allows you to continue to grow and learn as you are exposed to new technologies and business strategies on an on-going basis. Working for Accenture can be challenging at times but the skills you develop are second to none and essential to professional development.

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