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September 23, 2014
Who doesn't enjoy travelling?
By: David Cleere
There is a great opportunity to travel within Accenture, especially in Accenture Analytics. Some of my colleagues are on projects in the UK, Central Europe and even as far as South Africa. After a stint in Dublin on a project with an national insurance company, I was fortunate enough to be offered the opportunity to travel and experience life in a large UK city. Moreover, the new client offered a variation in work – which is one of the best things Accenture offers. The project itself involves extensive innovative process transformation where analytics is utilised to deliver this change. The huge challenges we face keeps it very engaging! With such a large project, comes a larger team from Accenture global network. There is a great community feel on this project, which is especially important when you are away from home. There are regular socials and engagement events where we get to experience to sights and sounds of this UK city (and most importantly the nightlife!) So if you are looking for a graduate programme that will take you places (literally), apply today for the Accenture graduate programmes. Please feel free to leave comments and questions.

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