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May 20, 2015
Training & Induction
By: Chris Murton
I am currently studying Computing Information Technology at Queen’s University Belfast. This course provides students with different technical skills and knowledge but also places a large amount of focus on project management and gives students the opportunity to learn and develop in a wide range of areas. As part of my degree, I have undertaken a 12 month internship with Accenture.
I started my internship with Accenture at the beginning of summer 2014. The first week consisted of induction talks and comprehensive training sessions. This was also the first time where I met the other interns who were also just beginning with Accenture. There were around 15 interns in my start group, all from different academic backgrounds and undertaking different lengths of internships. This was a great opportunity to get to know each other and break the ice. Throughout the course of the internship I became good friends with my start group and also relied on them at times for help and support.
Over the initial days we received a large range of talks on the business and organisation, information on the support network, client site advice, marketing and technological support. These talks were all extremely informative and all tended to end with a Q&A session which was very useful as it gave us a chance to really get the information we wanted to know. As these talks were being given by employees from all different levels at Accenture we were given to a lot of great advice. This, I felt was greatly  beneficial as all the speakers were so supportive and really emphasised the points we should focus on when we start on a client site and any questions we had, no matter how basic it was, they were more than happy to answer honestly.
We received several different training workshops to provide us with additional skills to help when we moved to client site, the extensive workshops were very beneficial and targeted everything from business writing, LinkedIn, PowerPoint, social styles, time management and communicating with confidence and presenting. My personal highlights in terms of the workshops was the communicating with confidence session in which a member of the Gaiety theatre came in and gave us a great lesson in confident communication, it was almost acting and was actually very enjoyable as well as useful. All the other workshops were also extremely informative and beneficial and all really help to prepare you for working on a client site.
By the end of the induction week I had learnt a lot about Accenture, developed many new skills and now felt fully prepared to begin working on a client site. Induction week is a great opportunity to learn and develop but also to make many new useful contacts; from growing friendships with the other new interns to networking with employees of Accenture from all different levels and areas of specialities.

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