October 24, 2014
The Support that Accenture offer to Graduates
By: Fiona Lawlor
I started working as an Accenture analyst almost three months ago now (August 2014), and the time has absolutely flown so far, which is definitely a positive indication of how much I am enjoying it.

One thing that really struck me as soon as I joined Accenture, and one of my favourite aspects about the company, is the huge amount of support that is offered to new joiners. To begin with, we had two days of induction, and during this time we were introduced to people from all sides of the organisation, including the outgoing Country Managing Director, Mark Ryan, as well as several senior managers, managers, consultants, and other analysts like ourselves. Each person introduced us to a different part of the company, and spoke to us about completely different things- but the one consistent part of all of their talks was that each and every one of them stressed how open they were to helping us out with anything and to answering any question we had, however small. As we were all, understandably, feeling quite overwhelmed on our first couple of days in our new jobs, it was extremely comforting to hear how supportive all of our colleagues were.

As well as this, on our second day of induction, we were all assigned “buddies”- typically an analyst who had joined the business a year or two before us, and who had been given the task of taking us out to lunch so that we could bombard them with whatever questions we might have. The buddy system is an excellent way to introduce new joiners to other analysts and to give new analysts the chance to ask all of the “silly” questions that we all inevitably had.

Another excellent resource provided to all joiners by Accenture is the ‘career counsellor’. A career counsellor is designated to each individual and is typically a manager or senior manager. Their role is to provide you with coaching and guidance and to help you with capability development by identifying opportunities to build skills and experience. The career counselor is truly a fantastic support to have in the company, this system really enables people to take control of the direction their career is going in, and to consistently find new ways to build and develop their skills.

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