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October 23, 2014
The Application Process
By: Joseph Sheehan
A year ago I really wasn’t sure what I wanted to do. I was a confused law student, who had just returned from a year studying in Prague, and didn’t really know how to go about finding a job for after college. I got some great advice from UCC Careers Office, where they quickly realised a classic legal career wasn’t for me and sent me to the Accenture Experience event. This event was invaluable in informing me how Accenture works, how to apply, and the types of people they look for.
The strange thing about Accenture is that, though there are 1600 different personalities within the company, there are common traits that can be seen in a lot of the people. Accenture really do hire the ‘Best People’, and this is evident in every project you work on. Everyone is a team player, but also seeks to be a leader. People want to ensure that their project is the absolute best it can be, and will work hard to ensure it is. Another common theme in the company is the concept of Value Add Creation. This basically means taking initiative and doing something which helps your team, your client, or the company.

When completing the application form, it is really important to be as clear and succinct as possible. Explain what interests you about Accenture, and what you can bring to the table. Accenture want to hear that you are interested in the company, and that you have a clear idea of what the job entails. Do not copy and paste. I repeat, do not copy and paste. It is so immediately obvious, and if you really feel like you can copy and paste, please make sure the name of the company is correct!

With regards to your CV, make sure you include everything which could be relevant. Something like captaining a sports team to victory mightn’t seem like the most obvious thing to add to your CV, but it shows leadership, teamwork, and drive and ambition. It becomes quickly evident just how relevant it is! Another note on CVs is to make sure you are able to discuss absolutely everything you put on it, in some detail.

The interview process follows a standard template: First round with a Manager, Second round with a Senior Manager, member of the HR team, and Managing Director. The second round is, of course, contingent on success in the first. The interviews themselves are not a grilling. They are a discussion around you as a person, and your knowledge of Accenture. Your interviewer will want to see you are interested, and that you have prepared well and done research. You do not need to be a world leading expert in Big Data analytics, but it wouldn’t help to read an article or two about it!

My last point is to be yourself, be confident, and back up your points with concrete examples from your CV. Your interviewer wants you to be a good candidate and be right for the job, so go in with a positive mind-set! Good luck!

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