October 06, 2014
My Accenture Journey Starts with a Tweet
By: Nubi Kayode
When people ask how I got to join Accenture, I always smile because I had no idea it would play out the way it did. 03.10.2013 - Allen Higgins, module instructor for Managing Systems development at UCD Smurfit Graduate Business School sends out email to class about guest lecture by Accenture's Head of Technology, Hilary O'Meara. This seminar was targeted at i-Business students.

07.11.2013 - Many days after the lecture, I came about a quote from one of my favorite authors, Gary Verneychuck - "Every business is a media business." and this reminded me of the Accenture Technology Vision for 2013 - "Every business is a digital business." The two statements cross path on one area of interest to me - Digital Media, so I sent out the tweet below:

15.12.2013 - After having a conversation with Peter Cleary, also a recipient of the Leaders of Tomorrow Award, I teamed up with Alex Keaney to enter the competition with idea - OnePlace. This was an amazing experience as I got to develop myself and got exposed to Accenture and its people from the Sponsor (Colin Ryan), to former Country Managing Director (Mark Ryan), and so many other people during the development days and mentor program.


10.04.2014 - Emerged winner of the 2014 Accenture Leaders of Tomorrow Award with prizes - Trip to New York, Opportunity to further develop the OnePlace idea at the NDRC, and a 6 months internship with Accenture. No doubt I fell in love with Accenture - the culture, people, and many opportunities offered from the guest lecture, career fair, Accenture Experience event, and the LoT journey, so I decided to take on the 6 months internship. 25.08.2014 - First day at Accenture, and I get to work on an exciting technology project for a client in the financial services group. So it's been six weeks now, filled with lots of fun and learning. Looking forward to the trip to New York in December, but until then it's more fun and so much learning to do. That's my story so far, and sure look to share more as my journey unfolds here at Accenture. Do feel free to reach out to me (via Twitter - @NubiKay) if you have any questions as regards the Accenture Leaders of Tomorrow as it's one experience I'd strongly recommend to any aspiring consultant, entrepreneur, and leader.

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