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October 29, 2014
Learning Never Stops
By: David Cleere
One of the main (and best) things about the Accenture Graduate Programme is the level of responsibility and engagement that you are given on your very first project.

With this high level of responsibility and engagement with the client, you pick up new techniques and methods of problem solving, develop your soft skills, strengthen your technical skills (especially in Analytics!) and learn to manage your career. This pace of learning and development leads to you being far more equipped with newly acquired and learned skills that other graduate programmes could not offer. Furthermore, these skills are not only valuable and highly sought after in today's economic climate but very transferable.

Outside of project learning, there are excellent computer based training offerings and structured classroom-style learning. There are so many opportunities to up-skill in Accenture but, most importantly, you can pick and choose where you want to up-skill and to utilise this to develop a long-lasting career!

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