December 04, 2014
5 Tips for applying for the Accenture LOT Award
By: Nubi Kayode


  1. Look at solving a real problem
Most ideas either fall in the 'nice to have' category or the 'solves a problem' category. Nothing wrong with either category so long as you capture and offer value but it's easier to get users on board (especially those who'd go to the extent of paying) when your idea actually solves a problem. In addition your idea is bound to change over the competition but having a problem to solve keeps you grounded as your idea for a solution changes or evolves.
  1. Team > Solo
Taking a look at past winners of the Accenture Leaders of Tomorrow, there have been more team winners than solo entrants. Not to say you cannot win the competition but looking at the prize now which includes going on to the NDRC to further develop your idea, you want to enter with a team, so put the word out to colleagues and on social media and make a team application. Entries can be from individuals or teams of two or three people.
  1. Strip down your solution to the simplest form
Don't overthink the idea. The more time you spend on thinking about the idea or solution it'd become more and more complex, so it's better to strip it down to the bare minimum. You can always include milestones of adding features, and offerings but at the start stick to the core idea and what it solves.
  1. Read the manual
The Leaders of Tomorrow application comes with certain requirements and expectations. I'd encourage you to give it a read before you decide on which idea to submit for the competition as that may just be what makes or breaks your chances of progressing through the rounds. You find these requirements within the application form.
  1. Ask questions
One thing you'd never run out of is feedback and answers to your questions so make the most of it. Contact the organizers and support team of the Leaders of Tomorrow via social media accounts, especially @Accenture_Irl on twitter and email -
Remember the deadline is Monday, December 8, 2014. I wish you all the best with your applications. Apply here -

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