About Francis

Francis McGuire leads Accenture’s Operations business in Ireland where he oversees the business process services and operation’s portfolio locally. He is responsible for the delivery of global services across the Communications, Media & Technology, Products and Financial Services industries for our clients in Ireland and overseas. Francis has served in this role since September 2018 and currently manages a sizeable multi-functional team located in Ireland and abroad.

Since he first joined Accenture in 1997, Francis has worked in various positions across the company. Together with his global team, Francis works to deliver leading-edge innovative technology solutions to Accenture’s software and platform clients around the world. These solutions help Accenture’s clients to further optimise their operations for even greater growth and efficiency and a stronger standing in today’s disruptive markets.

In addition to his delivery role, Francis is a member of Accenture‘s Leadership Team in Ireland. He is a graduate of Electrical and Electronics Engineering from the National University of Ireland, Galway.

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