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Leading next-generation wireless technology provider executes a successful product lifecycle management (PLM) environment


Accenture collaborated with one of the world’s leading wireless technology provider to execute a product lifecycle management (PLM) environment and proprietary data separation, in conjunction with establishing a new engineering environment as part of a business divestiture initiative.

The client is a leading next-generation wireless technology provider globally. With its innovative solutions, it has contributed to the evolution of digital communications, making wireless more personal, affordable and accessible.

Continuing its focus on core business activities, the client decided to divest one of its business units—a wholly-owned subsidiary and leader in telematics and fleet-management technology.

As a technology-driven business, one of the priorities for that subsidiary to sustain its business upon separation was to create an independent product lifecycle management (PLM) ecosystem. It was equally important that this business unit’s proprietary engineering data was decoupled with no intellectual property (IP) leakage from the client once the two entities became independent.

The client sought Accenture’s help for this mission-critical initiative.


The client wanted the new PLM system to be dynamic, adaptable to changing business needs, and easy to integrate with future cloud-based applications. By leveraging Accenture’s technical experience around data migration, data configuration, enterprise transition, and PLM system creation and management, Accenture assessed the scope of the PLM environment separation including:

  • Separation of the subsidiary’s PLM environment and infrastructure

  • Migration of PLM environment configurations, privileges and settings

  • Transfer of product transactional data

Accenture developed a customized solution using innovative approaches toward the configuration and data migration, with significant performance improvement in terms of required effort, speed, accuracy and flexibility.

We executed an end-to-end transformational program with the discipline to handle the complexities of this carve-out and divestiture. The opportunities and intricacies in protecting proprietary engineering data and intellectual property was managed by a team that brought strategy and business consulting acumen, technical experience and delivery excellence. Meeting the business requirements from the client and the subsidiary as well as developing process designs were only part of the program. The sustainable success was met with a change management agenda throughout the program.


Our innovative approach, coupled with the strong collaboration between the client, its subsidiary and Accenture, resulted in the successful delivery of the project ahead of schedule—despite the increased scope, which at times included managing up to three times more data and the complexity associated with it. The customized Accenture solution accelerated the development time of the configuration and data migration solution by nearly 70 percent. This allowed for more time on key activities, increasing the available user testing time by 100 percent with all critical defects identified and resolved prior to final user acceptance.

In today’s digital revolution, time is truly of the essence. The acceleration of Accenture’s customized solution for configuration and data migration resulted not only in a successful separation of the subsidiary’s PLM environment, but was also delivered ahead of schedule.