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Future peace of mind


How do you see yourself in 30 years?

Kenko Dai-ichi is a mobile app designed to help you lead a healthier life by putting health management at your fingertips.

Following its literal meaning— “Health First”— the mobile app has several features that provide advice and information to encourage a user to make conscious decisions to adapt a healthier lifestyle. For instance, the “FaceAI” function simulates what a user might look like in the future, taking into account smoking and drinking habits. The “Health Age” function intelligently gauges a user’s health age and type by analyzing the user’s medical checkup results. For Dai-ichi Life customers, the app enables them to see their caloric intake simply by photographing their meal with a smart phone camera. It also provides them with advice, and even healthy recipe recommendations from nutritionists.

Accenture and Dai-ichi Life used agile development on the Accenture Connected Technology Solution platform to quickly bring the app to market. More than 20 companies, including startups, came together to leverage the best technology and skills and launch this app in March 2017.

With Kenko Dai-ichi, everyone can face their future with peace of mind.


“Western countries have taken the lead in InsTech. We were able to quickly launch this groundbreaking app because of Accenture’s digital and insurance expertise, end-to-end services and global network. We plan to continue to be a leader in innovation to the entire life insurance industry, as we actively adopt ideas and technologies from other areas, promoting the realization of a robust ecosystem shared with other kinds of businesses.”

Yasumasa Iwai, Executive Officer General Manager, Total Life Planning and Sales Training Dept. THE DAI-ICHI LIFE INSURANCE COMPANY, LIMITED


林 岳郎

Takero Hayashi

Managing Director - Financial Services Insurance
Lead Accenture Japan Ltd