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We help financial services firms deploy the newest data and analytics solutions across the financial enterprise.

Managing data: The heart of analytics

Today’s financial firms face unprecedented pressure to cut costs and improve capital deployment—while fighting financial crime, improving operational and cyber resilience, and meeting evolving regulations. What’s at the heart of these finance, risk and regulatory challenges for banks, insurers and capital markets firms? Data.

But the challenge is not in data alone. It’s about getting the right data right, and employing analytics capabilities to draw meaning—and solutions—from that data.

Accenture’s Finance & Risk Analytics can help firms deploy the newest—and the tried and true—data and analytics solutions across the financial enterprise. We tap next-generation data and analytics tools, powered by big data, cloud and artificial intelligence (AI), to help firms improve data quality—and capitalize on their information assets.

Accelerate finance and risk to the New

Our Innovation Center for Finance and Risk connects businesses to skilled specialists to fast-track the transition to next-gen data and analytics.

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What's at the heart of these finance, risk and regulatory challenges for banks, insurers and capital markets firms? Data.

Global network of innovation centers

We offer live, practical solutions to help financial enterprises address their analytics challenges, via our Global Network of Innovation Centers, which combines:


Data scientist on staff, with combined finance, risk, regulatory and advanced platform skills


Open platform frameworks (cloud, hybrid and on premise) plus analytics software (SAS®, Tableau®, Qlik®, Apache™ Hadoop®, Cloudera® and more)

Geographic locations

Well-equipped spaces for collaboration, experimentation and problem solving, partnering with leading academic institutions and our own Fintech Labs

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Specific services

Our global network of innovation centers design ready-to-deploy solutions for data management, data engineering, advanced analytics, AI and reporting—tackling problems across finance, risk, compliance and resilience.

Finance and accounting analytics

  • Cost analytics
  • Enterprise performance analytics
  • International Financial Reporting Standards (IFRS) 9, Current Expected Credit Loss (CECL)

Sourcing and procurement analytics

  • Third-party risk Management (TPRM) Analytics
  • Spend analytics

Regulatory and compliance analytics

  • Employee surveillance (conduct, trading)
  • Regulatory reporting

Financial risk management analytics

  • Stress testing
  • Credit risk, SA-CCR, CECL
  • IRR, FRTB, VaR
  • Actuarial, IFRS17
  • ALM, liquidity, funding
  • Collections and recovery

Cyber risk and resilience analytics

  • Cyber intelligence
  • Fraud
  • Anti-money laundering (AML), transaction monitoring, screening and sanctions
  • Employee surveillance
  • Operational risk modeling
  • Cloud risk assess

Enterprise analytics services

  • Data management
  • Data engineering
  • Platform engineering
  • Reporting
  • Finance and risk analytics and modeling

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Our network around the world

Our innovation centers are located around the globe and meet a variety of needs. Each provides full data and analytics services, but many also specialize in key analytics disciplines. Our centers, and their areas of specialization, include:


The Innovation Center for Finance & Risk in Milan offers specialization in credit fraud, and finance and risk analytics.


India’s Innovation Center for Finance & Risk offers expertise in finance and risk management, and stress testing.


The Innovation Center for Finance & Risk in Poland provides specialization in finance and risk management, and stress testing.

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